These days, people are able to change their look in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s bold and daring makeup styles to dramatic transformations like cosmetic procedures, beauty has become more versatile than ever. One of the emerging trends for people looking to transform their style is colored contacts. From natural to wild to everything in between, colored contacts are a fun way to enhance your existing beauty. Here are a few tips to see if colored contacts are right for you.


Prescription v. Plano – Colored contacts are available in both forms. Prescription color contacts work like regular contacts, correcting your nearsighted or farsightedness, while plano color contacts don’t treat any vision impairment. Both are used for enhancing or changing your eye color. (One thing to note – in the US, contact lenses of any kind are considered medical devices, so a prescription is required for both types.)

Cost – Colored contacts often come with a higher price tag than regular contacts, but you might find that the experience of a whole new look is well worth it.

For Light Eyes – If you have a naturally light eye color and want to make a subtle change, try an enhancement tint. This is a transparent lens that intensifies your existing eye color and really makes it pop!  You could also experiment with another light eye color, such as green or gray if your eyes are naturally blue, like these from FreshLook Dimensions. If you’re looking for a more dramatic transformation, remember the rules of the color wheel and try a shade that contrasts with your complexion. For instance, if you have a cool, blue undertone, a warm brown will do the trick.

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For Dark Eyes – The best choice for dark eyes are opaque colored tints. A honey or hazel brown opaque tint from FreshLook Colorblends will give you a natural enhancement. But for a daring look,vivid colors like blue, green, purple, or fuschia are dramatic show-stoppers.

Whether it’s for your next Halloween costume or for a complete style makeover, the options for bold and daring colored contacts are endless. BeautyCategory offers outrageous hues in bubblegum pinks, aquas, silvery blacks, and even patterns in multiple shades. If a costume party is in your near future and you want all eyes on you, there is a wide range of novelty lenses to choose from. Try amesh screen lens for a futuristic, robotic look, or go with a whiteout or blackout lens for something spookier. There are even ultraviolet lenses that glow in the dark with UV or blacklight!

Would you consider wearing colored contacts to change your look?

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