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10 beauty trends you need to know

A new year has begun and that means it’s the perfect time for a little bit of reinvention. Whether it’s getting adventurous at the hair salon or testing out new colors at the makeup counter, 2017 is chock-full of beauty possibilities that can help update your look with as much drama or subtlety as you please.

With the help of a few experts, we’ve rounded up 10 beauty trends you’ll want to know this year. Spoiler alert: your go-to red lipstick’s getting some stiff competition.

Bold, graphic eyeliner

2016 was all about a dramatic, black cat eye. But this year, celebrity makeup artist Joey Camasta is predicting bold graphic eyeliners in deep jewel tones like navy, emerald and amethyst. “It takes the classic trend of thick winged liner and gives it a fresh and unexpected twist,” he shared with me.

Stepping away from that traditional cat eye — à la Adele — also gives you tons of opportunity to try different winged looks. “Winged eyeliner has many variations, but the bold, big wings will step aside this year,” said beauty and lifestyle blogger, Annie Lawless of Blawnde.com. “Small mini wings that are barely noticeable, but still give that elongated cat eye feel will take their place,” Lawless said. “A small half flick feels very effortless and Parisian cool.”

A fresh face

Still haven’t perfected the art of face contouring? No need to worry because that trend is so 2016 (sorry, Kylie Jenner).

“This year it’s all about enhancing your features with a fresh, healthy flush of color,” Camasta said. “Try using a cream blush in rosy tones on the apples of your cheeks to give the skin a youthful, romantic glow.”

Celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff, who’s worked with stars like Taraji P. Henson, agrees. “A softer sculpting is more the rage this season,” she told me. To achieve this look, she recommends “Perfect Blend” by Ashunta Sheriff dual end foundation.”Its flawless, glowy finish gives [your] complexion a perfected look without looking heavy and cakey.”

Full brows

Step away from those tweezers because full brows are in for 2017, says Sherriff. “Say goodbye to harsh graphic brows … sexy natural eyebrows are making a comeback without the extra light lift to outline brows.”

One of her favorite ways to accentuate the eyebrows’ natural shape: “Hourglass Cosmetics has an amazing gel-based brow pencil with brush on one end,” she said. “Its angular point helps for precision.”

Mega metallics

If you want to keep your mani/pedi on trend in 2017, Sherriff says intricate designs will take a back seat to clean lines, simple designs and soft, metallic colors.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis-based beauty vlogger and makeup artist Hillary Kline says the heavy metal trend isn’t just for your nails. “You’re going to see a lot of glimmer, shine and metallic eye makeup in 2017,” she told us. “Metallic lids give a sort of ‘wow’ factor and are trendy.”

Full, yet subtle lashes

Much like the full eyebrows, lashes will also embrace the au naturel look this year. “Huge lashes take a backseat to natural full lashes,” Sheriff said.

Can’t bare to part with your falsies? Sheriff suggests switching from a dramatic full set to individual lashes. “Individual lashes are much more sensible and a lot less dramatic for day to day wear,” she said.

Berry beautiful colors

Okay, so we’re pretty sure that a classic red lip will never go out of style. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t change things up from time to time. According to Sheriff, 2017 will be all about berry hues. “Berries, plums, violets and mahoganies are gorgeous bold colors to give a chance to, for a night out,” she said. “Softer variations like mauve, pink, lilac and lavender hues are good daytime options.”

Blogger Kline also tells us these colors won’t be limited to just your lips. Burgundy mascara? Yes please! “Putting red tones around your eyes might be considered a no-no to some, but guess again,” she said. Her only words of caution: Make sure you apply the mascara just to the tips of your lashes to avoid looking like you’re tired.

Effortless braids

Braid lovers, get excited, because this classic ‘do isn’t going anywhere in 2017, according to beauty blogger Lawless. Whether it’s a loose French braid or tiny boho braids woven into a messy bun, braids will continue to be everywhere this year. “Braids are a great mix of romantic and bohemian that give an effortless, cool feel to any hairstyle that is feminine without trying too hard,” says Lawless.

Big hair, don’t care

If you loathe blowdrying and flat-ironing your hair, then you’ll be thrilled to know that we’ll continue to see more women going back to natural textures, air drying, coloring less, and rocking actual real hair. “I think people are tired of damaging their hair and seeing the breakage and thinning associated with heat-styling and bleaching,” Lawless shared with me. “There is something very sexy and old school about natural, flowy hair that people will embrace again in 2017.”

As a response to this trend, cosmetic chemist Soraya Ali-Hope says we’ll see new trends when it comes to hair products, as well. “Hair health and styling ingredients will shift to high concentrations of macadamia and avocado oils,” she said.

Natural ingredients

Ali-Hope predicts the skin care industry will also go more natural this year. “Skin care products are rapidly moving to more clean and simple formulas while being more efficacious,” she said. We also learned from her that we’ll be seeing more natural, organic and wild-crafted ingredients in our favorite beauty products, and that acne products will shift from benzoyl peroxide bases to gentler hydroxy acids and natural bacteria-controlling ingredients.


If you didn’t jump on the charcoal bandwagon of 2016, there’s still time to embrace this beauty trend says Tammie Umbel, natural beauty expert and CEO of Shea Terra Organics. “The success of African black soap sparked an interest in the use of charcoal as a substitute,” she said. “This trend has now transformed into a mélange of deeply black-hued products from muds, to washes and masks. Even beauty products containing ingredients like black seed will continue to grow in 2017.”

Just do you

While it’s fun to try out new looks, you don’t need to feel pressure to rock a trend that doesn’t feel like you. Hate how burgundy looks on your lips? No problem, stick to your signature red pout. Not feeling the metallic nails? Go natural, instead. The best part about beauty trends is that they’re ever-evolving and we can adopt or dismiss them as often as we please. After all, there’s nothing more beautiful than being comfortable in our own skin.