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Eye Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Choosing the right eye cosmetics for your eye color serves as a door opener to how others first see you. If you have hazel eyes, you are lucky as they work well with all kinds of different shades and colors. A very pretty color of eyes, hazel eyes can cover a plethora of colors since there are essentially two colors in hazel eyes: green and hazel. Girls often get muddled up as to which color to use to bring out the natural eye color into sharp focus. You can choose makeup to compliment your skin tone or to match with your outfit or accessories. Follow the following tips for your hazel eyes to sweep the world with your natural eye color.


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Eye Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes 
  • Choose a foundation shade lighter than your natural skin tone and apply it to your entire eye area.
  • Be sure to cover up any dark circles, puffiness or blemishes.
  • Use a neutral shade of eyebrow liner or shadow to fill in your eyebrows. You can go for soft red-brown or taupe.
  • Do not choose an eyebrow color darker than your actual eyebrow; else it will give a very unnatural look.
  • Begin the eyebrow color at the inner part of your eyebrow and extend the line to almost the side of your face. Blend it with a small eye brush or your fingers.
  • Opt for true colors like brown, apricot, purple, plum, pale yellow, deep khaki or forest green ad eye shadows. Belonging to the same greenish family, these colors will brighten the eyes.
  • Dark brown plays up with the eyes and a more muted lighter brown brightens them up.
  • For a funky and super modern look, you can choose gold, glowing, lime-green, really light green and bright purple.
  • Gold brings out the coolness to the eyes.
  • Try smoky colors to make your hazel eyes look awesome. Combine your eyes with brownish-black mascara, a smoky brown eye shadow and a green highlighter.
  • Use black mascara to add more drama to your hazel eyes.
  • Considering the eyeliner, most colors work well such as brown, black, gold, green, smoky colors and violet. But avoid blue, gray and yellow.
  • Make your eyes look larger by wearing the eyeliner not extending to the entire length of your eye.
  • To bring out the golden specks in your hazel eyes, apply a golden based eye shadow. Use a lighter one from eyelash line to eyebrow, a medium one in the crease of your eyelid and a darker one along the ridge of your eyelashes. Finish it off with a black eyeliner and black mascara.
  • To bring out the green specks in your eyes, use three different shades of green and apply the same way as to enlarge the golden specks.
  • Although a blue eye shadow does not blend well with hazel, but to bring out the blue specks, use purple. Choose three purple shades that compliment your skin tone and apply the same way as for golden eye shadow.
  • For daytime effect, choose three different shades of any color you want to highlight in your eyes and apply the same way as for golden shade.
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