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7 fashion trends from the 90s and noughties that are making a comeback

And you thought you’d said goodbye to the likes of crop tops, double denim and disco dresses

We’ve all seen trends come and go, like when your mum says “we used to wear that in my day” or the ones from your teens you remember first time round. It’s happening faster than ever in fashion of late, with niche trends from the 90s and 00s coming back.

If you’ve pulled out a ‘monstrosity’ from the back of your wardrobe and thought “oh god why did I ever buy that?” Well, maybe you should hang on to it just a little longer and see if it becomes on trend again.

From chokers, to corsets, there are some micro trends that should have been left in the past, that are now very much present.

Here’s a little snippet of trends we thought we’d never see again that have returned already…

1. Crop tops

Britney Spears was a huge fan of a crop top (Photo: Hulton Archive)

In the 90s and early 00s, thanks to a handful of popstars like Britney and All Saints , crop tops became cool. So for those of us not up for showing off our stomachs on a day-to-day basis, this trend was a hard one to get on board with. Nevertheless it stuck around for a long time, too long you might say.

Rihanna showing off her toned stomach at the Grammys this year (Photo: WireImage)

So they’re back, and have been for the past couple of years, crop tops are now reigning again. Super models and pop stars alike have all been flashing their flesh of late. For us mere mortals, we hope this trend kindly leaves soon.

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2. Peasant blouse

Eva Longoria in a peasant blouse (Photo: Getty Images)

Aww, look at young Eva Longoria channelling the gypsy top look. Peasant blouses must be worn off the shoulder and as a crop top, perfectly finished with flares and the pointiest heels you own. Eva had this trend nailed back in the 00s.

Blouses at Temperley AW17 (Photo: Rex)

And now they’re back. Think cheese cloth Grecian fabrics, embroidered in all the colours of the rainbow or florals. Everyone will be wearing them this summer and thankfully they are loose and airy, so this is the one trend we don’t have to suffer for.

3. Corsets

Katy Perry in a black corset complete with rah-rah skirt (Photo: Splash)

Corsets. What was that about? When Christina Aguilera got together with Pink , Lil Kim and Mya to make the soundtrack for Moulin Rouge , they kicked off a corset trend. It somehow became okay to wear your lingerie as outerwear. But only to be worn with denim flares or a rah-rah skirt, obvs.

Kimmy K in a white corset paired with all white (Photo: FameFlynet UK Tel : +44 (0)20 3551 5049 Email : info@fameflynet.uk.com)

Thanks to Kim Kardashian , corsets are now back. Kim got the whole family into wearing corsets and corset-style tops , and then the high street picked up on this. They have been lining stores with them of late, but we wish they would stay in the past.

4. Disco dresses

Paris Hilton in a disco dress (Photo: Getty Images Europe)

Disco tops and disco dresses were huge way back when. Think Kylie Minogue to Paris Hilton . The lighter the fabric and the more revealing the better, was the general rule when it came to this trend.

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Kendall Jenner is a fan of the slinky dress style (Photo: Splash News)

Paris wore her slinky number on her 21st birthday in 2002, and more recently so did Kendall Jenner . The two dresses are almost identical in every way. Since Kendal revived this trend many brands have also started producing a similar frock. And so it begins again…

5. Chokers

Victoria Beckham performing at the Brit Awards 2000 (Photo: Fiona Hanson/PA)

Chokers were a must have accessory from the 90s to the early 00s. Ranging from twisted black plastic to embellished chains to thick leather. Now fashion icon, Victoria Beckham was a huge fan on the neck-wear back in 2000.

Gigi rocked denim shorts with a blue trench coat and a pink choker (Photo: www.splashnews.com)

Our new generation of super models, aka Gigi Hadid , Bella Hadid and Kendall, have kick-started a new demand for chocers. This time plastic leather is out and simple black bands and layers of thin chains are in.

6. Biker T-shirts

Mischa Barton rocking a band tee

The 00s saw a lot of Ed Hardy and a lot of band t-shirts, which meant if you wanted to look cool or edgy, you could just wear a biker T-shirt with your mini skirt. It didn’t even matter if you didn’t know who your band was, the only thing that mattered was that you had one. You instantly got extra points if yours was ribbed or customised in anyway – enter the safety pins stage.

Cara Delevingne brings it up to date (Photo: Mirrorpix)

Queen of all things cool, Cara Delevingne brought rock tees right up to date and made them a trend again by wearing them with bomber jackets and simple trousers. Thanks Cara, for making us revisit this faux ‘i love rock’ trend.

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7. Double denim

The picture that will haunt Britney and Justin forever (Photo: Reuters)

Britney and Justin famously did it, and of course BeWitched were our favourite denim-clad singers to do it. Double denim was everything in the 90s, Calvin Klein and Levis were the dream if you could afford it, alternatively Miss Selfridge and Tammy would have saved the day with their version of the trend. What a time to be alive, eh?

Rihanna loves a bit of double denim (Photo: Splash)

If anyone can pull off double denim, it’s Rihanna . But tones of other celebs such as Kylie Jenner and Alexa Chung – but to name a few- have all been at it. Denim is of course a trend that will never disappear but wearing it head-to-toe is something we never thought we’d see again.