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Hair Color Ideas For Black Women

Are you a big color junkie and love to play your way around the color spectrum? Do kitschy ombré, fiery red, honey blonde and tons of gold make up to your hair wish list? If yes, then dousing your braids in exciting hues can leave your hair with the much-needed oomph and pizzazz! All said and done, picking the right hair shade or finding the perfect play up for your dark, delicate tress can be quite foxy. African American woman tend to have a deeper skin tone and thick, dark and dull tresses, which limits their palette possibilities. For instance, if you have a dark skin tone and thick hair, then dying your hair in flaming orange or platinum sheen or streaking it in purple, pink or electric blue would only leave you with a horrid hair nightmare. If you are really looking forward to jazz up a rock-chic look without messing up with your hair, then checking the following hair color options for black women will leave you with your perfect palette. Read on to find your shade.


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Hair Color Ideas For Black Women
Big On Blonde
Wish to go a couple of shades lighter or darker or just love to streak your black roots to exciting bleach? Jazzing up your hair hues can be huge fun, only if you know how to pick your palette. Since African American women usually tend to have light to medium light skin, opting for a short blond hairdo like bold bob or punk pixie would make for a sassy style statement. If you are eying gold, then opting for more super rich hues like honey blonde, bronze and golden bronze should set the look straight for you.
Paint Me Red!
Lusting for flaming red flashes of punk-diva Rihanna? Then treating your tresses to bright, vibrant and lustrous red hues can leave you hair with the right spunk. Shades of red look really flattering on light, medium and medium brown complexioned skin. Various shades of copper like vibrant copper red with tints of burgundy can look just awesome on black skin.
Dark Desire
If you have real dark tresses and wish to add some sheen and luster to them, then opting for shades of brown or even dying it jet-black can leave you with sheen and style. While jet-black color is more complementary to women with really dark skin tones, women with light brown skin tones can go for mocha-licious hues like coffee brown and dark chocolates for a more opulent finish. Rich tones like plum and burgundy are equally flattering to dark skin tones. If you are game for a more brunette like appeal, then playing up your mane with rich brown tones like caramel and chocolate with a tinge of bronze can leave you with happy results.
High On Highlights
Love to play with hues but not game for a full-headed splash? Think highlights! If you have a brown mane, then streaking it up with shades of bronze, red, auburn and even blonde would leave your hair begging for more. If you have naturally dark black hair or deep brown tresses, then opting for medium and light brown highlights can leave you with chic results. Shades of coffee, chestnut and gold can be used to play up your bangs, fringes and layers for a more uber stylish appeal.


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