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Plus-size collections are part of modern-day fashion and here is why!

The lack of plus-size fashion has been a big issue in the past decades. The fashion industry had a pattern of always presenting models in their best top form, skinny bodies, and perfect proportions. The fashion brands followed that lead and offered clothing sizes up to a number that was considered to be up to the normal skinny proportions. However, with the influence delivered by many political and social changes, and movements, plus-size fashion has come up as a very important and needed part of women’s lives.

There was a popular misconception that large-size models were just being oversized. However, that later proved not to be quite the case. In the beginning, the plus-size term was usually used and referred to the modeling world. However, the large-size models actually represent the average body of society today. So, the regular definition of plus-size fashion can be stated as nothing more than a fashion for larger women. That means that besides traditional clothing sizes, the fashion industry and with that the fashion brands have extended their offer into manufacturing larger pieces that will fit larger women. So, plus-size fashion today is very popular and demanded on the fashion market. This demand comes from the consumers – women, who do not fit the regular fashion sizes. And that demand is constantly rising. Inspired by those demands, trends, and needs, many fashion brands have decided to create lines mainly for the plus-size community and incorporate them as part of their regular and standard offer.

The importance of plus-size fashion

The plus-size models and their presence on the fashion scene have influenced the general perception of what plus-size fashion is why it is important. Today, plus-size fashion represents the general population’s fashion needs. In the past, there would only be a few fashion brands that would offer plus-size fashion. And that offer was limited, both in the terms of fashion choices and the variety of clothing options. However, some of the biggest names in the fashion industry like Nike, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, and others started to incorporate larger sizes in their collections.

Getting your hands today on plus-size lines is very easy. As many brands have introduced a plus-sides line into their collection, the options for the larger women are bigger. The fashion brands today are working on creating clothing that will be trendy and fashionable as the regular pieces but will flatter the body and follow the curves. The offer of clothing is quite various and it ranges from shirts, sweaters, and T-shirts to trousers, dresses, and outerwear. Although the effort to comply with the plus-size customer needs is going forward, there is still a lot of work to be done so that the whole shopping experience will be brought to an excellent level. With the influence of social media, especially Instagram, many women are getting introduced to new fashion brands that sell plus-size clothing and there are more and more plus-size fashion bloggers who are promoting plus-size fashion.

Driven by the idea and desire to offer more on the plus-size fashion market, we at TopLine Royalty Boutique have founded the brand with the idea to add to the possibilities to the plus-size women to enjoy the fashion as they should. Following the latest trends, bringing in a variety of clothing options and styles, Top Line Royalty has everything for everyone – in plus sizes.

Plus-size fashion trends

What is important and what fashion is striving to achieve is to promote that fashion is for everyone and that big is beautiful. Alongside many female movements and campaigns for greater female inclusivity in all the areas of personal and business life, fashion is at a great pace in achieving that – making the clothes available for every body size. With that comes the need and the appearance of the plus-size fashion trends.

Being plus-size does not mean that you cannot be and look attractive just because of the size of the body. As a brand that specializes particularly in plus-size fashion, we are bringing you the latest plus-size fashion trends. Moreover, you can find them all at TopLine Royalty Boutique. Take a look!

Printed outfits

A proof that fashion even for plus-size women should be fun and interesting is the fact that one of the biggest trends is printed outfits. Contrary to the popular rule that the prints and colors do visually present the body look larger, the latest fashion trends suggest the opposite. Picking up a printed outfit can look elegant and they are suggested for women of all body shapes. A great option to flaunt this trend is a Curvaceous Mini dress. The print, the cut, and the style are definitely great for those who want to show off their sexy side.

Cure Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are great fashion pieces that make a bold statement in dressing as a plus-size woman. They provide a complete outfit and look, and follow the line of the body. A colorful and fashionable choice is the Mauve Diamond Jumpsuit, which is super easy to style.

Skin reveal

Feeling comfortable in your plus-size body and showing some skin is a great way to boost your confidence and be body positive. The outfits that do show off some skin are the perfect ones for plus-size women, especially the ones that have cutouts of mesh. The sexiness and the appeal that they carry are perfect for evening and nights out. Fantasy Dream Dress is just the perfect dress that will elevate your appearance.

High-waisted jeans + denim jacket

This is a combo that is forever fashionable. And for the plus-size women, it looks gorgeous and trendy. Go for skinny high waist jeans like the Plus Size basic high waist jeans and add the NY Denim Jacket. The perfect contrast between the skinny jeans and the oversized jacket will deliver a super cool outfit.

Being fashionable in your plus-size body is easy when you have the right fashion garments. Browse through our selection of plus-size garments and find the pieces that will best display your personality and style.




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