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How to Make Your Denim Jeans Last Longer?

Denim jeans are a staple in your wardrobe that you wear all through the seasons. The majority of people have a pair of their favourite jeans at home. These denim jeans are comfortable, dependable, and versatile. You can partner your pair with boat shoes or sneakers for a casual look, or dress up your entire attire with heels. If you have a growing collection of jeans in your closet, it goes without saying that you need to take care of this investment.

The following are tips and tricks to keep your denim looking new and long-lasting.

Avoid washing your jeans too often

When it comes to washing your denim, keep in mind that these garments do not need lots of washing. They can fade or shrink, depending on the dye and the fabric. Washing too often also means more prone to damage.

Use cold water

When it is time to wash your denim, it is advisable to use cold water, as warm water may cause the material to shrink or fade. If your jeans have stains, perform spot cleaning using the right product. It also depends on the kind of stain you are dealing with. 

Opt for hand washing

While denim is a tough and durable material, avoid using a washing machine to launder it. A washing machine typically has agitators that work more aggressively and much stronger than human hands. If you must use a washing machine, soak your jeans in cold water for about 30 minutes and swirl the item gently in the machine twice. Also, limit them to 3 to 4 pairs in your washer.

Air-dry the material

Another process you will want to avoid when handling denim is the dryer. After washing, it is best to line dry your jeans and allow the air to dry them. Considering that you do not need to wash them too often, you may hang them outside as well to freshen them up.

Using a steamer

If hanging your denim outside is not possible, you may use a steamer to clean a musty pair. The steam can remove any unpleasant smell on your jeans and clean the fabric at the same time. 

Allow professionals to handle your denim

A dry cleaner will have experts who know how to handle clothes properly, including denim. They may use a solvent that helps extend the life of your jeans. While washing may cause the life of the fabric to cut short, dry cleaning does the opposite. In general, dry cleaning is not harmful to your denim.

How to store your denim jeans?

When it comes to storage, pay more attention to your denim jeans than other garments in your wardrobe. Hang them up or fold and put them at the back of your closet to keep their natural creases intact. If you want to hang them, do not use hangers with metallic clips. Consider using S hooks and attach them to the belt loops of your jeans. Doing this minimises the occurrence of unwanted wrinkles. You may invest in a pull-out rack module specifically designed for jeans and trousers.

Denim jeans are a classic and look good in many different styles. If you want the most from your denim jeans, you must learn to clean, wash, and store them appropriately.

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