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Nailwraps – cheap and easy nails with Blikka

Everybody can relate to this – you are getting ready to go out, maybe to the office, maybe to school, maybe to a party and you are RUNNING LATE. You want to look cute and put together and preferably get it done as quick as possible.

It’s not easy to keep up with idealistic beauty standards, to have perfect skin, luscious hair, a stylish outfit, impeccable nails and the list goes on…


A lot of people try to use those unachievable standards and come up with products which are usually overpriced and not really necessary. Often miracles and life hacks are promised which in retrospect take more time than doing it the conventional way. As consumers we need to think about our bank account and ecological footprint!

But a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the phenomenon that is nail wraps (Nagelfolien in german) – super thin self-adhesive foils that you stick directly onto your nail.

From Berlin comes to you the young company Blikka, https://blikka.de/, that works together with creative designers from many different backgrounds. It’s easy to stick it to your nail. After filing the edges off and applying a top coat you are ready to go in five minutes. No more waitingwaving, blowing, swearing and smudging and they are cheap! The bestsellers (https://blikka.de/products/categories/top-seller/) provide a lovely overview: from plain to glitter, from abstract forms and patterns to flower designs, from dots to tartan, cute, golden, sparkling, etc.


With Blikka you have 99 problems but your nails ain’t one Try something new!