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Who paid for Paris Hilton’s engagement ring?

Some diamond aficionados are a bit skeptical over Paris Hilton’s aggressively hyped $2 million engagement ring.

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Inquiring minds want to know how the heck her starry-eyed fiancé Chris Zylka paid for it — if he did — or whether the couple negotiated a big discount in barter for publicity.

“How it was paid for, I won’t disclose,” Beverly Hills, Calif., jeweler Michael Greene of Greene & Co. told me. Promotion deal? “Those are the kind of things I wouldn’t talk about.”

Zylka, an actor on HBO’s “The Leftovers,” is reported to have a net worth of $4 million, while Paris is said to have $300 million.

The actor, who grew up poor playing football in Ohio, is also an artist who has found buyers for his paintings.

“Since he showed his artwork at Art Basel, people love his work and it has become very valuable and lucrative,” a spokeswoman for the couple told me. “He has very high-end clients from all over the world who continuously seek out his work.”

Zylka, 32, was steered by Paris, 36, to Greene, a family friend who used to duck hunt with her grandfather Barron Hilton.

Paris’ rep denies that she copied President Donald Trump, who haggled with jewelry house Graff for the engagement and wedding rings he gave to Melania, or Donald Trump Jr., who made a personal appearance in a mall in New Jersey for the engagement ring he gave his now-wife Vanessa.

But one source said, “Paris knows the jewelry business, and Paris knows promotion. She got a great deal.”


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