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Easy Glitter Boobs MakeupTutorial

The BBC has defended a tutorial video they created showing women how to decorate their breasts with glitter in response to the ‘glitter-boob’ trend currently sweeping social media ahead of the European summer music festival season.

The video posted in May on BBC’s The Social received 165,000 views and allowed Glastonbury Festival-goers plenty of time to get their technique down before last weekend’s event.

But not everyone was happy with the sparkly lesson.

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One critic wrote: “Complained about this last week, got told to expect more of the same so unfollowed after seeing this again today.”

“What a shame as your other content is good but I think you need to have a think about what messages your sending out with this content.”

A BBC spokesperson has responded to concerned viewers: “The Social has a specific remit to create content aimed at 18 to 34-year-olds and the topics covered are led by our audience.”

“In this case the content was all produced by young women and aimed at their peers.”

The issue of highest concern to viewers was still left unanswered though. Many were left wondering what the state of the bathroom would be like afterwards.

“All these people complaining about this and all I can think of is the state of her bath after she tries to get that washed off!”

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However, BBC does seem to have nailed its demographic, with the majority of comments being positive.

“I honestly can’t believe the negativity towards this woman. Glitter boobs? How could you be offended by that. I love it. In a world gone PC mad it’s refreshing. Irrelevant if she’s had a boob.

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