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Leopard-Print Hair Is the Rainbow Trend For Those Who Live Life on the Wild Side

Originally, only the most fearless of beauty girls chose to rock rainbow hair. Bold, atypical colors appealed to a certain sector of women who gave no f*cks, but now, the look has become more commonplace. The evolution of the trend — and the wearability of the shades — means that more and more people embraced a more colorful lifestyle. If you’re looking for an edgy, head-turning style that makes rainbow hair look boring, your search is over. Thanks to Marie Claire, we’re pretty sure we’ve found the new badass dye trend: leopard-print hair.

Though it’s far from being a new look, it’s almost as rare as the creature that inspired it (though you may remember Nicki Minaj wearing a wig with this pattern a few years back). That’s because it looks more realistic on buzzed hair, and not too many are immediately moved to make such a major mane commitment. Erik Pascarelli, a stylist at Bleach London who has re-created this look, also told Marie Claire that longer strands can move more easily than short ones, which would ruin the pattern. If you’re not ready for a full chop, you could always rock spots on an undercut!

Do you really want to up the ante? Consider pairing leopard print with punchy rainbow. The combination is utterly Lisa Frank and thus very cool. Keep reading to see examples of leopard-print hair.


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