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Make-up artist creates incredible lip art scenes from your favourite films

Australian Jazmina Daniel’s pouty designs of Jaws, Titanic and Finding Nemo take up to four hours to paint

FOR most of us, a slash of gloss is the extent of our lip art skills.

But not so Jazmina Daniel – who recreates famous movies on her mouth and shares her incredible creations with her million-plus Instagram followers.

Paint Pott… a wizard conjuring of specsy movie favourite Harry Potter
Made Up… these colourful balloons from the hit animation are Pixar perfect

Bite sized… this Jaws design would be sure to give the dentist a bit of a start

The 25-year-old artist from Sydney paints scenes from films as well as art and nature on her pout and then explains how to do it via YouTube tutorials.

She’s painted scenes from Jaws, Harry Potter, Finding Nemo and Up, and even celebrated Beyonce‘s recent baby news with a delicately-drawn tribute.

Jazmina began the project while ill with a brain tumour, which she later had cut out.

She said: “I’d spend my days inside creating different designs on my face, and then my lips”.

Her creations can take up to four hours to paint, and often asks her huge social media following to choose what designs they want to see next.

Joker in the peck… you’d not want a kiss from Heath Ledger’s character
Looking sharp… Johnny Depp gets a bite part in Edward Scissorhands remake
Pop art… when Beyonce posed with her baby bump, Jazmina paid tribute
Fish ‘n’ lips… but no jokes about trout pouts, please – Nemo’s a clownfish
Cub pout… this Lion King masterpiece captures all the magic of the Disney movie

Hallow there… golly goth, it’s the spooky Nightmare Before Christmas

Lip liner… Titanic star Kate Winslet might suit this look

Two faced… this intricate design shows both sides of Disney’s Mulan

Painted lady… Audrey Hepburn would have loved this Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired look

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