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7 Valentine’s Day Romantic Makeup Ideas For You

Valentine’s day is just around the corner so we’ve got a list of makeup ideas to make him fall in love with you even more! Today, we’ve got looks that you can wear whether you’re heading to a posh restaurant or an intimate picnic!

Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks He’ll Love on You

Valentine’s day is always special because it’s that one day where you can shower your loved one — or even yourself really — with loads of love. I’m not one to go to fancy places all the time, but whenever it’s Valentine’s day, my beau and I love having dinner in a romantic restaurant. I guess we’re pretty traditional that way. We get all dressed up in our fancy Valentine’s day outfits, spend the time enjoying each other’s company and tasting new dishes we wouldn’t usually eat.

Since I’m a makeup enthusiast, I can get pretty excited when it comes to planning my makeup looks for different occasions. Here are some of the favorites I’m choosing from for Valentine’s day!

1. Copper Eyes

Copper is a great valentine makeup color for girls who consider their eyes as one of their best assets! The amazing thing is, you’re in charge of how much pigment you want to pat on your lids. A little metallic eyeshadow goes a long way, but if you’re heading to a gala or a show, dab on a couple more pats of your favorite copper shade. For more eyeshadow date night ideas, 

2. Red Lipped

Keep the focus on a red lip by making sure that the rest of your valentine’s makeup is neutral. I suggest investing in a good red matte lippie so that it won’t smudge during the date.

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3. Smokey and Wing Tipped

This is the valentines day makeup tutorial I’d try on the rare occasions that my beau and I head out to a club to celebrate a night out with friends. To be honest, I’ve been a fan of the smokey look ever since I knew it existed. Can you blame me, though? If done right, it’s an absolute scene stealer!

4. Dewy Highlight

Sometimes all a girl really needs is a good highlighter to make her Valentine’s day this 2017 feel flawless as ever. Dust on a few strokes on your cheekbones and finish the look with a swipe of nude lipstick. Now you’re ready for your movie date!

5. Soft Pink Hues

The trick to mastering this look is to match the shades of your eyeshadow with your lippie. I suggest choosing a soft pink hue, one that goes well with your skin tone, to look fresh and radiant throughout the day.

6. Wine Red Lip

In my opinion, ladies look absolutely va va voom whenever they put on a wine red lippie. It gives off a feeling of confidence and mystery, something that most men find really sexy.

7. No Makeup Look

If you’re spending Valentine’s day outdoors, then I’d recommend this look. It’s important not to layer on too many products because your makeup might just get melted into a mess by the sun. Keep your face looking natural by using a cream blush for a natural flush and opt for a tinted lip balm or a pinkish lip tint to swipe on your lips. Don’t forget to use a light hand when doing your brows. The key here is the saying ‘Less is more’.

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