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What There Is To Know About Jelqing

It would be wrong to consider Jelqing the same as self-stimulation or masturbation. In the case of masturbation, it is more of a need to vent out a certain feeling or urge that makes people do it but the act of Jelqing does differ for the fact that the act is done to develop the male phallus.  It is in effect a form of exercise and this fact needs stressing upon each time that an individual takes to the act.

One of the strong features of the human body is the feature that the muscle grows or develops with exercise or even exertion. The key is to get the muscle to work out and even take on a form of exercise that can be considered as being strenuous.  With greater exertion comes a more pronounced muscle growth and this is the primary function of Jelqing.

The medical need to take to Jelqing

There are often conditions with people that can cause deficiencies in the functioning of the person and more in particular with the sexual powers. When this situation does arise, it is common for people to try to ameliorate the condition and the best form of bettering the performance of the male penis is to get it to work out regularly.  Most men do not need a specific training on how to jelq. It can be considered to be something that is picked up as the boys get to be men.

But there needs to be a differentiating factor to the act of Jelqing as compared to plain masturbation. Unlike the self-gratification, Jelqing simply cannot be done effectively by using the sensual aspects of the act.  There needs to be a certain amount of concentration in the act so as to bring the most benefit from the action.

Since most of the muscle groups do react to stimuli, the penis simply cannot be otherwise. It is this realization that has brought the act of Jelqing to the centre stage as a remedial procedure.  The very fact that each person do react to exercises in different ways, would make the act of Jelqing rather subjective too.  Thus, someone wanting to try it out should not be influenced by the good results that came about to another person and should be willing to find the good results themselves. 

The need for heightened personal hygiene

There needs to be an effort to keep the area around the pubis clean and washed. It would be desirable to have the hair around the area cut and trimmed at all times.  This is because, often with the act of Jelqing, the area around the phallus can be subjected to physical pressure which could lead to abrasions of the skin from time to time.

Thus, a heightened level of personal hygiene not just is the correct approach but rather the most practical part to the activity. In case some form of lubrication is used to smoothen out the procedure, it is best advised to have it removed after the act.  There are water soluble lubricants that not just is convenient to use but easy to remove too after the act.

Simple procedure to go about Jelqing

Although most folks that do take to Jelqing, do understand the importance of the correct technique, it is more of a personal preference that decides the kind of variations to use in each case. Thus, there could be variations in use that have been found to be effective in some cases as compared to others.

There are folks that insist on using different grips to hold the phallus. But this is more of a personal preference and is generally left to the discretion of the individual.

Most practitioners of Jelqing do insist on using a torsion twist to the act and there are those who use more of a hard-wanking action in the process.   These are more of a person’s individual preference and the important point is to try out something different from time to time.  Variety not just removes the boredom but does manage to hit at the phallus from a different angle.

Variations in the use of Jelqing

Men that have taken to the Jelqing and have persisted with it long enough would realize the effect of variations, when it comes to proceeding with the act. But it is important to maintain a uniform pressure right through the act as this has been seen to be the most effective in bringing about a thickening of the muscle group.

A simple perusal of the typical ecommerce platforms would find a number of aids or props to use in the act of Jelqing. There really is no documented study conducted on the effectiveness of the props and it is more of an individual preference to be using it.

Considering the huge interest in Jelqing, it comes as little surprising that there is a wealth of information on the subject on the internet. So, people interested in finding variations to how to Jelq would be best served by following the more popular of these sites.  It is rather free of cost and certainly worth trying.

The effectiveness of Jelqing

It would be wrong to assume that every man taking to Jelqing would find success. At best the results are varying from person to person but it must be stressed that the best results are with those that do persist in the act.  One of the peculiarities of the muscle group used is the need for hard work before the first signs of growth are noticed.  Thus, there must be sufficient time allowed for results to show up and there is not short cut.

How well the act of Jelqing works in each instance would depend on the drive the person exhibits in taking to the act. The need to persevere should be emphasized from the very beginning.

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