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What Are the Causes of Dermatitis?

Dermatitis can make you feel uncomfortable and also it will degrade the appearance of your skin. This can be caused due to a number of reasons. Depending upon the severeness of your skin, the time required to heal it differs. However, if you use reliable and trusted dermatitis care products, then you will have a speedy recovery. These kinds of products may take some extra cost but it is totally worth it. However, here are some of the major causes of dermatitis. Go through them and take preventive measures to avoid the same.

  • Allergic Materials:


    1. You may be allergic to some kind of product. When you touch them, it causes irritation in your eyes and on your skin. Therefore, observe what might be that thing you are allergic to and avoid contact with the same. Apart from that, when something that you are allergic to is used as an ingredient in the cosmetic that you are using, even then you can get dermatitis. Hence, to be on a safer side, make sure that you read all the ingredients of the cosmetic products before using them. You may visit a doctor is the conditions are getting worse due to that allergic material.
  • Environmental Conditions:


    1. Different kinds of weather conditions may or may not be suitable for your body. According to the type of skin, you suit different weather and environmental conditions. If your skin is dry for a long period of time, then it can be a cause of dermatitis. Apart from that, if you are exposing your skin either to direct sunlight or too cold weather conditions, then you may get dermatitis. Apart from that, if a certain type of bacteria grows on your skin, then it can lead to several skin problems including dermatitis.
  • Oil Glands:


    1. When your skin is too oily at any given period of the day, then you need to take care of your skin regularly. If an oily face is not washed with a reliable facewash, then it can lead to growth of bacterias on your skin. Moreover, the fungus is also one of the reasons of getting dermatitis. Therefore, whenever you feel like you are sweating a lot or if your skin is oily, wash your skin immediately to maintain it well. People get dermatitis due to their oily skin and growth of fungus mostly in winter and spring.
  • Hormonal Changes:


  1. If you are going through puberty or if you regularly experience hormonal changes in your body, then it will not only affect your several body parts but also can cause dermatitis on your skin. If you are too stressed due to any reasons, then it can cause this skin problem. This is the reason why this is quite a common problem for teenagers. Moreover, age and family history are also some major causes of dermatitis. When you experience mood changes or irritation, then you are probably going through hormonal changes which increases the chances of having dermatitis.

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