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How to wear Women’s Lace Tops

Who doesn’t love a great vintage outfit especially when it is covered in lace? Lace tops can be feminine and modest but sexy and romantic enough to give you the appeal that you need in an outfit. Lace tops can feel as over the top as you want them to be or they can be dressed down easily for a casual occasion. For those looking to appear a little more adventurous, lace tops also come in an array of colors whether red, black, green or cream. The nature of lace material dictates simplicity so all the accessories to be paired with the outfit need to be well picked in order to find balance in your outfits.

Pick the right blouse for your body type

To wear vintage lace blouses correctly, you will have to find a suitable style of lace blouse that will suit your body type. Lace tops work extremely well when they are fitted to one’s silhouette and if you are dressing up like a Scandinavian, you must also remember to keep things simple. As such, it is best to pair your lace blouse with accessories and essential basics that you might already have in your closet. If you have an:

Apple shape
If you have an apple shape, pick a lace blouse that has long or three-quarter inch sleeves. Try and stay away from lace tops that have extra embellishments on the surface and go for a blouse with a scoop or V neck.

Broad shoulders

A blouse top with boatneck will work well for anyone with broad shoulders. People with broad shoulders should stay away from tops that come with puffy sleeves and pick one with short sleeves instead.

Pear shape

A vintage lace blouse that has a peplum design will work extremely well for people with pear shapes. Long fitted style tops also work well for balancing the upper torso.

Have an array of different lace materials

There are many types of lace material out there that include Chantilly lace, Crochet lace, Guipure lace, as well as Stretch lace fabric. Each type of lace has its own characteristics but Chantilly is generally the most lightweight of all lace materials. Having a mixture of the different materials will help to build your wardrobe and ensure that you have a lace blouse that will be well suited for any occasion. Most lace tops have gorgeous and intricate designs that will instantly allow your outfit to look sophisticated regardless of the season.