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Wear These Fingerless Gloves During Your Gel Mani to Protect Against Harmful UV Lamps

I have few vices: I don’t smoke, I keep my drinking to two margaritas tops at happy hour, and I stay away from (most) drugs. My one bad habit? Gel manicures, which beauty girls love because they’re long-lasting, but some doctors advise against due to a plethora of health challenges. One of the scarier aspects of gels? Certain salons ask you to stick your fingers underneath a UV lamp to help seal and dry your new polish. (Others go for less harmful LED lights.)

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Although the chance of developing a deadly cancer from curing lamps is low, it’s still not an ideal scenario. One brand has found what it suggests to be a solution — fingerless gloves!

ManiGlovz ($25) was founded by Kim Motola, a self-professed “sunscreen fanatic” who felt uncomfortably hot during one session under a UV lamp. In response, she spent months researching the effects of lamps on skin and developed the UV 50+ material that makes up her gloves, which the company says protects against 98 percent of all UV rays.

Plus, each one comes in funky patterns such as pop art lips, mermaid’s tail green, and a galactic space print. There’s even a standard black for all you minimalists out there. Read on to see these accessories in action.

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