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Ways to get perfect teeth whitening smile

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile, and hope to have a complete set of white and shiny teeth together with a smile. Most people pay little attention to teeth, but recently they have so much knowledge about dental health that people not only realize dental health, but also provide good care for their teeth. 

Teeth bleaching or tooth whitening is the process of bleaching teeth to whiten them. Compared with adults, deciduous children have whiter teeth. As we grow older, due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth enamel, the color of the teeth will become darker. 

Due to certain foods and smoking, teeth will also change color. There are several ways to eliminate this blackening. The various methods of whitening teeth are bleaching strips. People prefer to use bleaching strips when performing whitening procedures at home. 

Oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide and urea peroxide are used to discolor teeth. Another new technology is intense bleaching, which uses light to speed up the whitening process of teeth. 

The enamel of a tooth is essentially porous in nature, so these oxidants flow down the enamel and even reach the dentin layer. Whitening of teeth may last for several months. It all depends on people’s lifestyle. Drinking tea, coffee and smoking can greatly affect whitening. 

Happy Teeth TW recommends the use of cold light whitening technology which may reduce tooth enamel growth and cause gum irritation. Therefore, it is recommended that this process be performed by a qualified professional or dentist.


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