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Video: Teen Makes Grand Entrance to Prom in Hearse and Coffin

A New Jersey teenager took “drop dead gorgeous” very literally for her prom. For the Pennsauken High School dance in New Jersey, Megan Flaherty made a rather dark entrance, riding to the event in a hearse instead of a limo, and being carried in inside a coffin instead of walking hand-in-hand with her date.


Wearing a strapless royal blue chiffon dress with crystal embroidery, the 17-year-old accessorized with a simple bracelet and crystal earrings. Corsages might be traditional, but she opted to carry a bouquet of white flowers, which she held against her chest — just like a corpse.

Flaherty, who wants to be a funeral director after she graduates from college, told nj.com that the stunt was mostly about having fun but she also likes “being different.”

However, she’s not the first to hitch a ride in a hearse to prom. In fact, her older brother also had the vehicle take him, chauffeured by family friend Dennis McGee (a funeral director himself at Dennison Funeral Homes). For Megan, McGee wore a tuxedo and a top hat and slid the open casket out of the car.

While the high school junior, who wants to attend Mercer County Community College’s funeral service program, has faced some backlash, her mother, Susan Flaherty, shared on Facebook that Megan meant “no disrespect … just a celebration of knowing what she wants to do with her life after graduation and of course, celebrating Junior Prom.”

Megan mostly received positive feedback online though, with one person calling it “goth goals,” and another saying it’s “fresh to death.” As for reactions from her classmates, she doesn’t think they really processed it at the time. “I’m a quiet person in school, so people didn’t expect it,” she said.

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