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When Romance Comes Knocking

Darlings, when Romance drops by, invite it in for tea. And if you haven’t seen each other for a while, don’t be afraid to break out the hard liquor. Whether you make a mad dash for the front door or saunter casually so you don’t look too anxious, whatever you …

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That is Why Men Hate Women taking selfies

There are few harmless actions that seem to infuriate guys more than young women taking selfies. And it is mostly young women who have been snapping pictures of their faces and posting them to Instagram since the social-media platform’s inception in 2010. In 2014, a survey by photography app Selfiecity …

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I tried scheduled sex with my ex and it was terrible

Joe re-entered my life at a time where I was having casual sex that was mind-numbingly boring, physically unsatisfying and with people I wasn’t that into. It was the kind of casual sex you have for the sake of exercising your right to have casual sex. Which is to say, …

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7 Things Your Partner Should Never Ask You to Do

A great partner holds certain qualities like being supportive, loving, trustworthy, and above all, they let you be you. Your relationship should be built on equality, and no one should have more authority than the other. When that does happen, a partnership is no longer considered a partnership but more of a …

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How to fix this sex problem plaguing most couples

For many busy couples, balancing sex and sleep is a problem. The most common time for people to have sex is at night before we go to sleep, or in the morning just after waking. But by the time you’ve had a long day and finally put your head on …

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The Dangerous Texting Slang All Parents Should Know

Communicating via text can be incredibly convenient, but it can also be used as a tool by kids to hide things from their parents. For kids, certain phrases and emojis carry hidden meanings that parents may not know. Even if you think you’re clued in to your child’s conversation, these acronyms and …

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