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The top 7 mental health challenges facing college students today

Mental health problem among the students are common problem. On in five college students face this mental health condition, as per the National Alliance on Mental illness (NAMI). And within 24 years they face this problem a lot. A report also shows, that most of the student faces this mental health challenges before they become graduate. So, it’s very important to find out their symptoms and provide proper treatment to become normal. People should not avoid this problem because it may be life-threatening in future. There are lots of students who experienced these problems or find themselves concerned for a peer or fried, it is very vital to take action now.

In this article, we are going to provide you top 7 mental health challenges which a student face in their college life! Those are very importance for improve their mental health as well their study skill by home tutor. It is not like, we are going to provide you treatment here, and we just guide you and help you to find out those friends who are facing this problem and if you think that treatment is very important, then people can concern with a doctor easily.

  1. Depression

Presently, most of the college students get depressed! There are several reasons they are depressed. It is a series of illness which makes a person helpless and despondent. It makes them feel lonely and they are unable to explain why. There are different types of symptoms you can feel when a person is depressed like they want to live lonely, they just don’t like to talk so much, their face become pale, they don’t want to get together and want to stay alone, etc. if you identify your friend is depressed, they you should talk to her or him and make them easy. If you find the situation is tough, consult with the doctor.

  1. Anxiety

It is another important problem. There are lots of students available who become anxious easily for any small reason! Normally, people don’t react with that situation, but they react completely. They become anger, said lots of words, or tension more and more these are the symptoms. Anxiety disorders generate when it includes in your daily life and the main cause an immense amount of fear and stress and halting your ability to function. A report shows mostly 75% students will over the world feel anxiety. If you found your relatives or student or friend’s anxious, then consult with them or consult with doctor.

  1. Suicide Tendency

It is one of the dangerous tendencies among students. There are several reasons students want to suicide, if they did not get their love, if they fail or did not get the marks they need. They become frustrated, unable to explain, think too much, helpless, did not find any way to survive and become suicidal. If you found any of your friend in such condition, make them relax, fell them nothing happen, make them happy, and have to tell them the beauty of life. If helps to them to encourage them find the way and want to live again.

  1. Eating Disorder

It is another mental problem. In our college, there are lots of students who eat abnormally! Means a normal student or human being just unable to eat this much! But they can east anything anytime easily. It is on kind of symptom that they are not normal or they are tensed. There are different types of symptoms, like excessive exercise, irregular heartbeat, dehydration, fear or eating public, or eat more, etc. if you are suffering  from this problem, then it’s better to become relax and happy always and if you feel it make your life uncomfortable you should consult with the doctor.

  1. Addicted

Most of the college students become drug and alcohol addicted. Report shows, if you drink regular, then it create bad impact on your study and personal life! If a student is suffering this problem, you can find to see their symptoms, like bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and impaired coordination. They always become anxious, fear or paranoia, etc. it’s always better to visit any rehab center and make proper treatment to get out from this situation.

  1. Hyperactivity Disorder

If a college student unable to concentrate on the classes, studies, or exams, then they may be suffering from this problem. They are unable to maintain anything, difficult to follow anything’s, feel insecure and unable to manage everything, if you are facing this problem, then you should consult with a doctor properly and undergo with the treatment and it will help you to become normal one!

  1. Panic attack

Panic attach is one of the painful attacks. Students always become panic due to any small incidents. During this situation, students become frustrated and become fearful. To get out from this problem, they need proper treatment or counseling which make them pain free life!


**This article was contributed by Singaporean tution agency, SmileTutor**

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