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$9.99 Halloween Colored Contacts

Top 14 Halloween Lenses for the Spooky Season

To make getting your Halloween lenses super easy, make sure you have a doctor’s prescription. You need one even for costume or cosmetic lenses. Hey, in the U.S. it’s the law! Never share Halloween lenses with your friends. Store them properly in clean contact lens cases and solution.



Also known as Banshee. A red and yellow cat eye lens that is very popular and versatile.

Cat Eye White


A classic.



Our pick for a zombie lens. We like the blood shot effect of the red rim.

The Temptress


Looks sexy in the picture right? This Halloween lens is also creepy because it’s so pale. The pink bits can look bloodshot.

Vampire Blood


This is a subtle red vampire lens. We like it for Volturi vampires from Twilight. If you want bright red eyes, go with Blood Zombie.

Vampire Gold


THE CLASSIC Twilight lens we’ve recommended for three years.

Black Wolf


The manufacturer changed these Halloween lenses somewhat so it is actually more yellow orange than the picture. Still awesomely cool though.

Crazy White


Also known as White Out. If you can’t decide which Halloween lenses to get, choose these ones. Super versatile for zombies and vampires alike!



Also known as Blind Eye. Some people don’t want to actually “see” in their costume…as the name implies you don’t get vision out of this lens.

Black Hole


Love this for alien or demonic possession.

Blood Zombie


A great vampire lens so don’t know why it’s called Blood Zombie. Indistinguishable from Red Vampire.

Ghoulish Green


We love these Halloween lenses because they are pale and creepy, and slightly different from just a plain white lens. Looks like it should glow…but it doesn’t.

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Blue Angel


Formerly called Dark Elf. Very cool for people who love blue lenses.

The Creeper


A reptilian cat eye lens.

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