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Today’s coronavirus update: Gym, barbers reopen in Georgia; Michigan acquiesces

Georgia became the first state in the US to reopen some nonessential businesses — despite a sharp rebuke from President Trump, who said he “wasn’t happy” with the decision.

Gov. Brian Kemp forged ahead with the plan anyway and opened the doors of gyms, barbershops, hair salons and tattoo parlors in Georgia, among other nonessential businesses — despite soaring cases in the state.

Meanwhile, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer acquiesced and also eased some restrictions amid armed protests outside her home and the threat of a mutiny from her own state lawmakers.

Here’s what else we learned today: 

New York crisis: 

  • New York state’s coronavirus death toll has surpassed the 16,000 mark, with another 422 deaths as a result of the contagion in a 24-hour period.
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the world was too slow to detect the coronavirus, understand how dire the threat was and devise strategies to protect people.
  • The toll of the virus in the Big Apple steepens as another 437 people were reported dead Friday. Since March 14, NYC has lost a staggering 377 people to coronavirus each day.

Trump on disinfectant:

  • Trump clarified remarks he made Thursday about the possibility of being injected with disinfectant, claiming it was a “sarcastic question to reporters.”

The tricky business of reopening:

  • Businesses might be anxious to reopen, but they’re also worried about the legal liabilities the pandemic has created with a patchwork of new rules and regulations.
  • Gyms could be among the first businesses to reopen as states lift lockdown restrictions. Here’s how some are preparing.

Tragedy in Mexico:

  • A New York man who ditched the infected Big Apple to wait out the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico was fatally gunned down with his girlfriend in Juarez.
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N95 crash:

  • A New Jersey driver crashed head-on into a pole after apparently passing out from wearing an N95 mask and breathing in an excessive amount of carbon dioxide.

Hydroxychloroquine warning: 

  • The US Food and Drug Administration warned against using the Trump-touted COVID-19 miracle drug hydroxychloroquine after research showing how the malaria RX causes abnormal heart rhythms.

Another packed flight: 

  • A Miami man described a nightmarish experience on a packed American Airlines flight bound for Mexico City, where passengers flouted social-distancing guidelines and 80 percent were seen without a mask.

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