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Tips for healthy skin

We always hear nowadays; healthy skin is a beautiful one. You do not need to be white, fair and flawless, but you need to take care of your skin as a healthy skin will be natural and glowing regardless of their colour. In the world of generation Z and iGens, everyone has a pretty much busy lifestyle and no time for taking care of their skin and health. People getting overworked and eating junk all day gets you more dehydrated, which affects our skin significantly. Nowadays, there are various makeup products which are available in the market which claim to be cruelty-free and all vegan, which have significant effects for achieving healthier and glowing skin.

The cruelty-free makeup is the one which does not harm any animal species during their making and production for experimenting them. Along with that, they claim to be all organic and natural, which means they are free from all harmful chemicals which provide short term glow to our faces and provide long term harmful reactions beneath the skin. Therefore using cruelty-free make up for your skin can be beneficial not only for instant glow but also they are beneficial for long-lasting glowing and healthy skin.

How to get healthy and glowing skin

Healthy and glowing skin is not achieved in just one day; it is a continuous process to start healthy habits and healthy eating, which leads you to healthy skin. There are various tips and techniques which are utilised for achieving healthy skin. Some of them are as follows,

  • Drink plenty of water


We have all heard it, and we all know the tremendous effects of hydration on our skin, but we often forget to stick to our drinking water regime due to our busy and hectic lifestyles. So what can be done in such case? Well if you ask celebrities and models about the secret of their glowing skin, they will all tell the same answer. Drinking water at least 8-12 times a day. We understand it may be quite difficult for you, but you can start making it your habit and start taking at least 4-8 glasses per day. You can use several apps which will remind you of your time to drink water, or you can start making a journal in which you can write about how many times you have drunk water a day. This will make you vigilant about your drinking habits, and the feeling of achievement will keep you going. So why waiting start from today!

  • Use Sunscreen


We cannot stress enough on the importance of using a sunscreen for your skin during the day time before leaving for your work or studies. The UV rays of the sun are highly damaging for your skin, and they can expedite the ageing process of your skin by decreasing anti-oxidants. Therefore it is highly important for achieving healthy skin and slowing down the ageing process to use an SPF Sunscreen which suits your skin type. By using sunscreen, you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


  • Remove makeup before going to bed


Yes, we understand that you are tired and gloomy after attending all-day meetings or coming late from a party. But if you want healthy skin for a long time, you need to remove all your makeup before going to sleep. You do not need to worry as there are a variety of skincare products and wipes available nowadays, which help you to erase all the makeup in just a few minutes. This is such an important thing for protecting the skin and keeping it healthy for a long time to remove the makeup and dirt from your skin before going to bed.


  • Eating healthy


Have you heard of the phrase that “You are, what you eat.” It is completely relatable when it comes to healthy and glowing skin. Nowadays, we are heading towards a greener environment and protecting our environment. It is not just stopping the use of plastics and switching towards the plastic-free environment, but it is also towards going towards our roots and going organic and vegan by eating fresh grains and vegetables and stop using cruelty-free products and eatables. This will not only make your skin healthy and protect you from various issues like hypertension, diabetes and obesity but also slow down your aging process as they are rich in anti-oxidants. Therefore, a vegan diet keeps you healthy and provide you with a rejuvenating glow, as it does not include the meat and junk products, which can cause various problems for your skin and health.

  • Having Enough Sleep


There are different sleep patterns and sleep-cycles which we experience in our life. For kids and young teens there is 8-10 hours’ sleep necessary for their health, but for people who are in their mid-20’s or 30’s also need 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for having a healthy and fresh start of a day. Sleeping more or less than this can create issues and problems related to their daily activities. Moreover, late-night sleeping can give your eyes dark circles, and you might wake up with puffy eyes, which are not desirable so if you want the beauty of your skin and eyes to be intact for a long time, then you must take a good night sleep or a beauty sleep for at least 6-8 hours every day. Moreover, if you have dark circles, you can start using night creams which contain Vitamin C to help you get rid of those dark circles in just a few days.

  • Exercise as much as you can


Exercise is something which has tremendous benefits for your health and beauty. Therefore for a healthy lifestyle along with healthy skin, you must exercise or walk for a half an hour every day or at least three times a week. It has been reported from studies and the latest research that exercise not only improves your blood circulation but also promotes the release of hormones which help elevate your mood and your overall physical health. Therefore if you desire healthy skin, then doing regular exercise will benefit you with improved circulation and glowing skin.


  • Practice meditation


Stress and anxiety are also hazardous for healthy skin as you might get patchy and oily skin, and you might lose your hair because of stress. Therefore, it is essential for practising meditation or yoga to relieve yourself from all the stress and disturbance of your minds. It is completely ok if you cannot practice medicine every day or every morning, but it is all a matter of dedication and determination that if you need healthier and glowing skin, you will take out time from your busy routine to take out some time for 10-15 minutes of practising meditation to help you release your stress and worries.

To conclude

It can be summarised that although having super healthy and glowing skin is not a miracle and cannot be achieved in a single day, but we can achieve a healthier and glowing skin by using the above useful tips and techniques and avoiding the use of junk foods and harmful chemicals which have a detrimental effect on our skin. A vegan and organic diet is not only essential for our health, but also it can do wonders for making our skin look healthy, flawless and glowing.


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