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What text should you put on your wedding invitation?

You have chosen the date, reserved the places, counted your guests … You are ready to order your wedding invitations, but … what text will you put?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right information, style and layout for you.

1. The information

The indications to share are very important for the smooth running of your preparations and the D-Day: if your guests do not have the right information, they will contact you often during the preparations (and everyone knows that we never have enough of time …), may not come, or not on time!
The essentials :

– the date of the wedding, preferably with the day of the week (to prevent people from mistaking the day), and the year (many of your loved ones will keep the announcement)

– the time you wait for your guests (and not the time of the ceremony, take a little time until everyone arrives and settles)

– the place of the appointment: town hall, church …, possibly specifying the district or the exact address if it is not easy to find.

– the details of the bride and groom, or any other person who deals with the organization (parents, witnesses, wedding planner …) without forgetting what to allow the guests to join them easily: telephone number or email.

Without forgetting :

– second ceremony: if you invite to the civil ceremony then to a religious or secular celebration, indicate it, with or without time, according to what you prefer and the organization of the marriage.

– Parents: If you wish, you can indicate the names and contact details of the parents of the newlyweds, especially if it is the parents who organize or finance the marriage, or if many guests are first acquainted with the one or the other family.

– etc.

Announcements, invitations, reply cards … How to organize?

First, organize your guest list according to who is invited to what. Some people only invite the immediate family to the civil ceremony, but all the guests to the religious ceremony. Others invite only the wine of honor, or for example at the religious ceremony and the dance, but not at dinner…

  1. The tone and style

    Now that you have all the elements, you have to put them in shape!

Depending on your theme, your style, your desires, you can choose the tone that suits you: solemn, classic, humorous, casual, or even why not with a smile! Pay attention to the terms you use: be sure that it is either clear that you invite the person, or on the contrary be clear that you are only announcing that the marriage will take place.

  1. Layout and Spelling

    Here are some small layout tips:

    – capital letters: if you want to capitalize at the beginning of every line or every important word (Marriage, Joy, Happiness …), let go! The important thing is the visual rendering to “taste” your beautiful text.

    – abbreviations: avoid, as far as possible: “avenue” and not “av”, “15 hours” and not “15h”, “Saint” rather than “St” …

Last but not least, check the spelling! Without putting you (too much) pressure, the announcement is a formal print that announces one of the great events of your life, and that many of your loved ones will keep. Then a little proofreading and a little spellchecker can’t hurt. If you don’t have enough time to design everything, buying online from JJ’s House can be a good solution.

Here ! I think I went around. I hope these tips will help you!



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