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Why the Vegan materials are important in fashion industry

A vegan material is one of material widely used in the fashion industry. It is most demanded material because of its quality and long life. Also a rate of this material is not very high. Main five materials of sustainable fashion

  1. – Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a whole classic material. Organically grown cotton is one that has not been modified for cultivation and retains its best properties. There go the sustainable characteristics:

Sustainability :

  • The seeds are not genetically modified to obtain organic cotton, so they are of higher quality and duration.
  • Pesticides are not used for cultivation, and it is less contaminated.
  • The conditions of the farmers who grow it are much better.
  • Being cotton of much better quality has greater durability.
  • Being organic will be much healthier for the environment.

Organic cotton is used in t shirt, jerseys, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, shirts production.

This material is so interesting to us that we just took out T-shirts made of organic cotton or even better quality than ordinary organic cotton.

2.- Lana cashmere

Although it is not a vegan material, Cashmere (original wool from Tibet cashmere goats) can be a good option to replace polyester in many garments.

After studying the origins of Cashmere, we have found it appropriate to list it as the only non-vegan material: Cashmere goats are treated conscientiously, and the obtaining of their fur is done locally, giving employment to thousands of humble families.


  • Being a material of organic origin, the residue of cashmere garments is not harmful to the environment.
  • The material is finite but easily renewable because every year, the goats take out new fur.
  • Its durability and properties are also generous: resistant, flexible, and very insulating material.

Lana Cashmere is used in scarves, jerseys.

3.- Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber is a relatively new material, and its use is less common, but we find it interesting to include it in the list and make known the new options that are emerging.

It is a textile/fiber made from bamboo with very interesting properties.

Sustainability :

  • Bamboo itself is already a very sustainable material because no pesticides or large amounts of water are used for its cultivation.
  • Its growth is fast, up to 25cm in a single day.
  • Bamboo fiber is an organic material; its residue is not harmful to the environment.
  • Its durability is also generous.

Uses and properties: bamboo fiber can be used to make various garments such as socks, shirts, and even shirts. The fiber is resistant, insulating, and, above all, very soft.

4.- Hemp

Another material you should have if or if in your closet is hemp or hemp fiber. With 100% vegetable origin, hemp can be your great friend when choosing clothes and accessories.

Sustainability :

  • Hemp does not need irrigation, so a large consumption of water is avoided.
  • No chemicals are used for cultivation.
  • It gives a lot of local employment in your treatment.
  • Its transformation processes produce hardly any residue for the environment.
  • Hemp takes advantage of everything.

Uses and properties: Bags and t-shirts mainly. It’s most outstanding properties are thermal resistance and moisture absorption.

  1. – For accessories: wood and cork

For us, the best on the list. The one that offers more opportunities and can give you more games. Regarding cork, we have already made a dedicated article where we explain its main advantages. As for wood:


  • All wood that has the FSC certificate (regulates the treatment of forests and adequate wood harvesting) is a sustainable material.
  • Its deposit is not harmful to the atmosphere.
  • Its prolonged durability and its long life cycle.
  • Thanks to the FSC certificate, you make sure that the wood used is wood that was also going to be cut down to make firewalls.
  • And something of the most interesting: it can be recycled and reused infinitely.

Uses: accessories of all kinds: sunglasses, watches, pendants, and even bracelets or bow ties.

Its great variability is a factor in favour. For example, we can find sunglasses made of cherry, other Zebrano, or even recycled skateboard wood.


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