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Unusual Holiday Decorating Ideas

Holiday decor is one of the most exciting parts of the later months of the year! Whether you’re carving pumpkins or creating gingerbread kingdoms, there’s something fun for anyone.  The best part is, creativity is encouraged.  Instead of sticking to the same old aesthetic choices people have been making for the last seventy years, here are some fun and creative ways to bring new life into holidays.

Not Just a Christmas Tree

You may want to go deeper into Halloween decor but might not be sure in which direction to take it!  You don’t have to worry about that, though!  A holiday tree can come out at any time of year to make a room festive and fun.  For Halloween, you could decorate the tree with fake cobwebs, toy spiders, and orange and purple lights!  Or you could make it witchy with a big witches hat on top and decor like cinnamon brooms tucked into the tree.  Think about what type of tree would make you laugh or smile, and then do that!  Some people may take a moment or two to warm up to it, but you can use that tree more than just one month out of the year!

What To Do When It Is a Christmas Tree

You can still make a room look original with your tree during Christmas! It’s vital that you think about it in less rigid ways, though.  Some people use the same ornaments every year and recreate the same tree they’ve known since they bought it.  You should mix it up, though!  Instead of ornaments, you can use fake bird decor to make your tree look lived in.  There’s also realistic phony snow you can set on branches to fill this lookout more.  Another option is to decorate with objects that aren’t Christmas themed but inspired by members of your household!  The possibilities are endless.

Theme By Room

If many different design styles are calling out to you, and you’re unsure how to pick one, it doesn’t have to be a hard choice! Pick your top three or four themes and then decorate each room of your home based on a different one!  For Christmas, you could have the retro decor in your living room, modern Christmas in your den, minimalist Christmas in your home office, and kitschy Christmas in your bedroom!  Don’t limit yourself to one idea.  The only drawback is with this layout; you might want new rooms so severely that you’ll start looking for Charleston houses for sale!

Decorating With Scent

You can use scent to create a whole new world for everyone to experience when they come into your home. A common way to do this is by buying or making scented pine cones or cinnamon brooms.  You can also achieve this by using scent pods that plug into your walls and release over time.  Let every room have its scent that will delight the noses and let the minds wander into more profound holiday thoughts and memories.  Be careful that every smell isn’t too strong, or you could end up with a headache!

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