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How to Shrink Leather Gloves? – Motorcycle Gloves Solution

If you’ve got a particular model of leather motorcycle glove that fits snugly on your hands, you are lucky enough, and you don’t need to read this article! Although leather gloves should fit comfortably over time, it doesn’t happen in many cases. Either you will find them larger or a bit tighter.


We do not suggest buying a too-tight pair of gloves as they will shrink more over time. But you can buy a slightly large pair, not way too. In some cases, buyers find their gloves nearly fit but longer or wider fingers, or too tight palms. Sometimes, you can not even exchange or return them for reasons.

So, how can you address the complications? No worry, in this article we will try to show some ways where you can learn how to shrink leather gloves when you the shrinking immediately or where there is no chance of getting them shrunk over time.

How to Shrink Leather Gloves with Water?


  1. Take a bowl or basin and fill it with enough lukewarm water. Combine some boiling water with tap water at a 1:3 ratio for the required temperature.
  2. Submerge both of your gloves into the bowl and keep them for around 10 minutes to be soaked well. It is better to soak not less than 5 minutes, of course, to ensure the water soaks them well by intercepting the water protectant layer of your gloves.

iii. Take the gloves from the water inside the bowl. Squeeze out water from both the gloves. Start squeezing from the center of gloves and go fingers via cuff to make it done. But please, do not twist, wring, or crumple your gloves – leather fibers might be damaged. Actually, you should be very careful regarding twisting, wringing, or crumpling when it comes to a leather product, regardless of the fact that it is a leather jacket, shoe, or gloves.

  1. Squeeze the gloves again using a clean and dry towel. You may press them on a flat surface when they are inside the towel. They should not be wet after the process and do not bother if they are still damp.
  2. To remove the dampness of gloves, air-dry them for around 24 hours. Based on the weather condition (humidity and wind), the gloves might get dried overnight or in half the time. But even if you find them completely dry, we suggest keeping them alone a day. You can use a hair-dryer for a faster result, but that might damage the glove’s leather.
  3. You will find them shrunk, once fully dried. Check how much are the gloves shrunk now – they should be snugly fit if everything goes well. If you notice they are a bit more shrunk than you wanted, ball the hands and flex the fingers inside gloves. And, repeat the steps if you still need the gloves to be shrunk more.


How to Shrink Leather Gloves with Rubbing Alcohol?

  1. Similar to the first method, take a bowl and fill with tepid water and alcohol. Add some boiling water and make the water-rubbing alcohol ratio 1:1. Make sure the water is moderately warm. Using rubbing alcohol with water is more effective than applying only water. The alcohol helps water to penetrate the fibers by stripping away the leather oil.
  2. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to the solution and pour inside a spray bottle. The soap will further assist in breaking down the oil of leather. Shake well the solution inside the container.

iii. Spray the solution throughout the gloves so delicately. You can keep the gloves on a clean towel placed on a flat floor or hold the gloves one after one while spraying.

  1. Once thoroughly sprayed, keep the gloves for several minutes. Start squeezing later, although you won’t need to squeeze as much as you have to do when you submerge the gloves into the solution. Do not twist, wring, or crumple your gloves – fibers might be damaged.
  2. Air-dry gloves unless they are out of dampness. It will require less time compared to method one, as said above, to get dried fully. The rubbing alcohol will also play an essential role to quicken the drying.
  3. Once dried, check for the level of shrinks. Repeat the process if you still need the gloves to be shrunk more. If you’ve found the desired shrinking, apply some leather conditioner suitable for your gloves to restore the elasticity.

Last Words

Shrinking a pair of leather gloves is not tough at all if you know the actual procedure. It is as simple as applying an anti-fog coating on your glasses. All you need is to follow the above-stated instructions and be careful if the fibers don’t get damaged anyway.


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