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Rhinoplasty for Nasal Congestion – Zty Plastic Surgery in Turkey

There is a partition between the nostrils, which turns into a bone structure as it deepens, called the septum. Septum deviation occurs as a result of the sliding of this septum to the right or left, and this septum deviation is seen in most of the patients who have undergone rhinoplasty operation. septum deviation may cause nasal obstruction in patients or it creates a curved appearance when viewed from the outside.

When septum deviation occurs, one of the nostrils narrows and the other nostrils become wider. Due to this inequality, an inequality occurs in the amount of air passing through the nostrils. The wider one enters more through the nostril, and less air passes through the narrow nostril. The body, on the other hand, causes the concha, called concha, to grow on the side where the large nostril is located in order to balance the air passage. Over time, occlusion occurs in both nostrils due to the concha. The presence of turbinate is detected with internal nasal examination performed on patients who have trouble breathing, and the breathing problem is eliminated with nasal aesthetic surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed in order to eliminate the problems that occur in breathing as well as changing the appearance of the nose. The cause of the breathing problem is determined by internal nasal examination, and its elimination is added to the surgery plan in case of breathing problems. Nasal congestion is not only experienced due to turbinates. At the same time, a curvature in the bone or cartilage can cause breathing problems, the curved bone is corrected with rhinoplasty surgery, and the patient can easily breathe after the operation.

In order for the nose aesthetic surgery to be performed, the patient must have completed his physical development. This surgery cannot be performed on patients whose nose development is not completed, which usually corresponds to the age of 17-18. Plastic surgery cannot be performed on patients younger than this age. At the same time, the psychological conditions of the patients should be sufficient for the operation. After the operation, it is sometimes difficult for the patient to have the exact nose he dreams of, and the patient must have a psychology that can accept this situation beforehand.


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