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Lauren Conrad Personifies Girlie Style, But Somehow Keeps It Fresh

While her personal wardrobe consists largely of florals, feminine shapes, and light shades, it’s always inventive — especially now that Lauren’s announced she’s expecting, already putting her maternity look on display. But when Lauren’s not romping around at fashion shows, she’s serious about designing for her Kohl’s collection.

For Spring 2017, that’s so much more than a romantic slip dress. LC is debuting three new lines, exclusive for the department store: handbags, fine jewelry, and “dress up shop,” aka apparel. We got the chance to chat with Lauren about her designs and the inspiration behind this particular drop. Scroll to find out some of Lauren’s biggest business secrets, including her must-have bag and how she continues to keep flowery prints fresh for every month of the year. Then, head over to Kohl’s where you can shop the full range today.


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Lauren Designed 3 New Lines: Handbags, Fine Jewelry, and Clothes

“Handbags were really exciting for me because we’ve done a couple capsules without [a] runway collection, but this was the first time we were able to do a full-blown collection. I had so much fun with it. I am so proud [of] what we came out with. The fine jewelry was cool because it was really my first time in that category working with these new materials. It was a learning experience for me. [The] “Dress up shop” I loved because I got to focus on special-occasion wear which is always my favorite thing to do. They were all really fun in their own

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Lauren Designed Her Idea of “The Perfect Handbag”

“My favorite handbag that we did is the larger structured bag. My favorite color is a darker blush, which I really love. And it has the large hoop on it. I like to have a bag big enough to hold all my items, plus anything extra I need to throw in there. I love the size of that one. I love the versatility. Maybe you can hold it by the rings and have it closer to the body, or wear it crossbody, with the strap. That was by far my favorite bag.”


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She Made Sure All the Jewelry Was Delicate, Classic, and Wear-Everyday

“We have done jewelry within this brand for years, and it was actually a huge part of this brand, but to be able to work in fine jewelry was a very different experience. I definitely wanted everything to read very classic. I wanted timeless pieces — especially when it comes to jewelry and investment pieces, you want it to be something you can wear forever. And you don’t want it to be overly trendy. The pieces that we did were very delicate. They were very true to this brand. They could be worn alone or layered up, however you want to style them. But I always really love the delicate pieces. Pieces that sort of live on you.”

Lauren Has a Trick For Keeping Florals Fresh

“Obviously florals are a huge part of this brand, and we’re having to constantly reinvent our interpretation of them. You want to keep the look and feel consistent, but you want to keep it fresh at the same time. We’ll switch from softer florals to more graphic, simpler [florals], from lots of negative space to a condensed space. It’s always changing. Sometimes we’re looking at incorporating them in the form of an embellishment or an embroidery. Every season that is a challenge we face, but it is a fun one! We get to look at florals in a new way each season.”


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Lauren Doesn’t Have a Mentor in the Industry — She Educates Herself

“I think it’s important to have inspiration, but at the same time I try not to be too heavily influenced by others. I think it’s important to have a strong brand and identity and that it’s your own. I am constantly looking around and paying attention to trends and what other people are doing, but we like to interpret them in our own way and make sure it’s still very true to this brand. When I’m looking for advice in categories that are new to me, I’m talking to the professionals and it’s more on the production side, as far as ‘What are my options?’ and ‘What performs better?’ I’m educating myself in those categories.”

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