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How Would You Know if Your Sports Memorabilia has a Real Signature?

Many sports fans don’t get satisfied by just watching their favourite athletes performing live. Most of them will even buy nicely framed sports memorabilia.

Sports memorabilia are the items that the athletes have used during a game. It could be a jersey, boxing gloves, a pair of shoes, a ball, etc. Some fans buy replicas or something that has been made to resemble the real memorabilia. On the other hand, some fans only get satisfied when they buy a signed item.

Signed sports memorabilia are more expensive compared to the items that have no signature, let alone replicas. However, if you will buy one with your favourite star’s signature on it, make sure that the signature is real as they are really expensive.

Here are some tips that could help you determine whether the signature on your memorabilia is real or not.

Turn the signature upside down

If you already have a signed item from your favourite athlete, buying a new one with the same signature will determine the real signature. You can make a comparison by turning both signatures upside down.

This way, your mind will look at the items objectively, showing you tell-tale signs and minor differences between the two signatures, revealing the fake one.

Check the ink closely

If you bought signed memorabilia, it would help if you can bring a magnifying glass that you can use to look for possible clues. If the signature were stamped-on, you would notice that all lines get to the surface simultaneously.

Using a magnifying glass, you will notice that the edges have more ink than in the middle. You can compare it to a signature printed by a machine that has felt unnaturally “smooth.”

You may also want to check how the signature was made. If it is signed with a pen, its point will cut through the ink, producing “bridges” and “tunnels” that can be seen through a magnifying glass. However, some vendors can duplicate a signature using an autopen: a tool that uses a mechanical arm that can sign using a pen along with a signature template.

Check for signs of robotic signature

Natural handwriting comes in a single, continuous movement. Moreover, before you start writing with a pen, your hand moves the pen towards the paper. Meanwhile, the autopen begins with a dot and ends suddenly with a dot, without that fading effect from handwriting.

You may also use a magnifying glass to see if the signature looks unnaturally “shaky,” which could be caused by the machine’s vibrations.

You may also see some machine-like straight lines through the magnifying glass. These lines have robotic wobbles, where the machine has slipped.

Skip private auctions

A seller of legitimate signed sports memorabilia will never ask for privacy during the deal. A reliable seller can guarantee you that they are selling items with legitimate signatures with supporting documentation. Moreover, a legitimate seller can provide you with a lifetime guarantee. Furthermore, they are open about their past dealings, history, expertise, and references.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow to determine whether you are buying a real signed item or not. However, if you want to make sure about the legitimacy of your autographed memorabilia, you may try asking your favourite star to sign your item after their game.

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