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Keeping the Wedding Flowers Fresh

Wedding and flowers are one eternal combination. Flowers add personality, theme as well as color to weddings. However, ordering flowers of a wedding, and getting the delivery early can be a huge nightmare. There have been a lot of instances where the fresh blooms got delivered a day earlier and wilted before the wedding, talk about bad omens. In case you are planning a wedding and need to get everything sorted, here’s a guide from long island florist to keep your wedding flowers fresh and blooming.

Some flower may wilt slowly, but if you want to make the pace even slower, you will need a ton of water. Empty out your garage, and start lining your water tubs. Dunk your flower stems in water to keep them fresh for long; you don’t want your wedding to be a brown one, do you?

Keeping Bacteria at Bay
Many may not know, but flowers wilt faster if the water is contaminated. So, tips from NYC florist make sure all the containers and vases that you filled with water are clean, add flower food and warm water to keep the blooms fresh. To discourage any bacteria growth, remove all foliage.

Garages and sheltered areas are perfect for storing flowers, and if you don’t have any of that, a covered van will do too. Direct sunlight, heat and air exposure will kill your flowers. Keeping them in a shaded area will keep them fresh for longer. Also, make sure your sheltered area isn’t heated.

Buy Local
State flowers or local flowers will last longer in their native area, so always buy local. If you know that you will need the delivery ahead of time, go for local plants. They will last longer and add a innate feeling to the wedding.

Make Them Last
Most weddings prefer an array of sunflowers, poppies, roses, dahlias and hydrangea. Good thing too, as they will stay fresh for longer because of their cell structure. Long Island florist suggests the method of scalding to keep these going for longer. Cut the 1 inch of the stem at the bottom; immerse this stem in boiling water for about 20 seconds and then again in freshwater. Hot water opens up the cells, making the flowers take in more water than average and stay fresh for longer.

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, but with these few tips, at least you will have fresh flowers to add color to your wedding.


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