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Karan Choudhary Produces, Directs, Writes and Stars in his new short film The Timepiece

Today we will be giving you the latest up close and personal news on actor, producer, director Karan Choudhary. With three short films on his resume as a filmmaker, winning over 25 film awards & nominations, competing in over 70 film festivals globally in just three years, Karan Choudhary is certainly making his mark in the entertainment industry from acting to producing and directing. Born in Faridabad, India, Karan moved to New York in 2013 to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. Since then he has followed into the footsteps of legendary actors and filmmakers. He was accepted to The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre and studied the Stanford Meisner Technique, an acting method that Hollywood’s top movie stars are known to master.

In 2015, after graduating from the acting school, Karan Choudhary started to work on many National Tv commercials including The History Channel, T-Mobile, Bud Light Beer, Captain Morgan Rum, Perrier Sparkling Water, Budweiser Beer, Canon Cameras, Stella Artois Beer, NYU Langone Hospitals, On Vocal Headphones, Intercontinental Hotels.

His success has grown immensely from there as he has continued to write, produce, direct, and act in films and television shows.

Karan Choudhary has founded Sky High Films, which produced his three films so far and many more to come in the near future. His latest film project is called The Timepiece (2019), has been recognized and screened at over 30 film festivals globally, got multiple nominations and won half a dozen awards in various categories.

Based on the IMDB biography, The Timepiece is a friendship between two characters from different cultures and sexuality. Sunny ( played by Karan Choudhary) is a young straight guy from India who meets Larry, a middle-aged gay guy in New York. Both of them have a common love of film, acting, life and deep affection towards each other. But what happens to that true friendship when something goes missing and the blame goes to the minority? They both are the minority in the story but one has to apologies and others have to forgive.

This touching and the incredible short film The Timepiece has had great success in film festivals. The film has generated multiple articles and interviews on the independent media circuit.

Along with his last film and highly successful comedy short New York’d, you can check out Karan Choudhary’s films on Amazon Prime. The Timepiece is now available on Amazon Prime at the link below



We are looking forward to seeing Karan Choudhary’s other future projects as a filmmaker, as well where he collaborates as an actor. We will be keeping tabs on his IMDB filmography profile.

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