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What holster is best for concealed carry?

After you have purchased your gun the next big decision that should take is the type of holster that you have to purchase for concealed carry. In the market, you will get a lot of holsters with different kinds and styles but all types of the holster are not ideal. Having a good holster will help you to protect and hold the firearm as well as prevent discharge. Moreover, it will help you to prevent theft or loss although provide you quick access.

What features you have to look for when buying a great concealed carry holster?

Whenever you buy the holster the first thing that you should check is the concept of safety that it provides. Before buying you can check the holster reviews so that you can easily understand how well it is and whether it is worth purchasing or not. The following are some essential features that you must look at before purchasing the holster:

  • Trigger and material: The best holsters should always be covered by a flimsy material. The best holster is made up of sturdy material such as Kydex or leather and thus it is highly safe.
  • Good retention: At times you need your gun to stay put. Sometimes the gun may come out of the holster and hence it is very essential to adjust the retention of the gun.
  • Concealability: Every people want to keep their gun in a discreet position until and unless they are carrying it openly. Hence you must purchase a holster that can conceal a handgun.
  • Protection: The next important thing is the protection that it protects your gun. The holster must have a cover that can trigger completely for avoiding a negligent discharge at the time when it is holstered.
  • Grip: You must also consider the grip while buying the holster. You must check whether your holsters can afford a full combat grip or not. If you find that it cannot fully hold the grip then you must understand that you will need a different holster.


Different types of Holsters

Various types of holsters are available in the market that is ideal for both males and females:

  • IWB: Inside the Waistband (IWB) is one of the best and most common types of the holster. This type of holster is a great option for concealing a gun. This type of holster is usually kept in between the pants and underwear. It is an excellent holster and the best thing about it that you can keep the gun close to your body.  
  • OWB: Outside the Waist Band (OWB) is another best type of holster that rests on the outside of the pants. The best thing about this type of holster is that highly comfortable to carry since there is no poking in the side of the holster. Apart from that, it also comes up with a better grip and since it has further off the skin it allows you to get your hand in the right position and take out the gun comfortably.
  • Belly Brand Holster: This type of holster goes around your belly and is ideal for those who do not like to wear a belt. But whenever you buy this type of holster it is very essential to ensure that it covers the trigger completely.
  • Shoulder: This type of holster is another best choice and you can wrap it around your shoulder. This type of holster allows your gun to comfortably place on your side’s rib cage. With this holster, you do not need to squeeze the trigger and it helps you in stabilizing or supporting your hand. When you wear this type of holster you can easily squeeze the trigger with your strong hand.
  • Ankle: This is another best type of holster and is great for deep concealment. This is an ideal option when you need to keep a backup gun. The best thing about this holster is that when you wear a tight pant and keep your gun in this type of holster no person will know that you have a gun with you unless you pull your pant and show you gun. Hence it can provide you enough protection.




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