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How to Get A Flat Stomach with Shapewear? (Choosing the Best Shapewear)

How to lose belly fat? This is a very commonly asked question, no doubt. And the answer is as simple as getting some work done. In the form of exercising, eating healthy, and even choosing the correct shapewear. That said, how to get a flat stomach with shapewear?

The constant pressure you put yourself through to get washboard abs must feel stifling. But you should know that you’re not the only feeling this way. Millions and millions of women want their stomach to look flat and toned. And that explains why there are so many comfortable, supportive, and tummy-sculpting shapewear designs now available.

However, putting on shapewear doesn’t flatten the tummy permanently. I hope you know that. It’s just a temporary solution until you work those ab muscles!

How to Get A Flat Stomach with Shapewear – How Does Shapewear Work?

Shapewear is nothing but an undergarment created for compression. Meaning shapewear works simply by compressing or tucking in your fat. And this is what appeals to women with a muffin top. It takes away a couple of inches off your waistline and abdominal area. But this kind of effect is only temporary. That is it lasts as long as the shapewear is on your body.

Let me also point out that shapewear doesn’t work like a magic potion. In simple and truthful words, if you have a lot of belly fat. Then your tummy is certainly going to look smaller with shapewear. But don’t expect your abdominal region to look flat necessarily.

However, that doesn’t mean buying and fitting into tight shapewear. On the contrary, a size tighter is only going to create more lumps and bumps. Plus, it’s not healthy to compress your stomach to such a large extent. Keep it natural-looking while you sweat out all the excessive fat in the gym.

How to Get A Flat Stomach with Shapewear – Choosing the Best Shapewear for Tummy

You should know that not all shapewear delivers the results you desire in terms of visual appearance. Even factors like comfort, breathability, adjustability, etc. differ from one brand to another. So it’s best, at such times, to turn to shapewear experts and the best shapewear brands.

Women on the hunt for shapewear for lower belly pooch should look for a construction that is both highly functional and incredibly comfortable. The former maximizes the benefits of shapewear, no doubt. It‘s built using breathable materials. Ones that allow moisture and sweat to evaporate from your body. For example, a combination of nylon and polyester.

As for the comfort factor, a snug fit is necessary. But this snug fit doesn’t necessarily have to feel very tight. Or dig into the skin. Any signs of dizziness and you know that your shapewear is the culprit behind all this discomfort.

Comfortable shapewear doesn’t, at any point, interfere or mess with your physical ability to perform everyday tasks.

How to Get A Flat Stomach with Shapewear – Shapewear for Weight Loss

Some shapewear brands manufacture compression undergarments. These also take the form of shapewear, mainly waist trainers. And what they do is facilitate more sweating during your workout sessions. This boosts blood circulation. And also accelerates the process of weight loss.

But the truth of the matter is that sweating more helps in shedding just a few extra calories. This may not cause you to lose tons of weight. Nevertheless, every calorie counts when it comes to shedding belly fat. Am I right?

Speaking of which…

How to Get A Flat Stomach Fast?

Choosing extreme tummy control shapewear is a temporary fix, right? What about losing belly fat more effectively, permanently, and even quickly?

#1 Exercise Daily

By exercise, I mean combine both cardio and strength training. Working out is the most effective method of shedding tummy fat. Cardio such as running, cross jacks, high knee jumps, bicycling, skiing, and the like. As for conditioning, mountain climbers, Russian twists, plank, etc. work your abdominal muscles the most.

Here’s a fun HIIT video you can incorporate into your daily workout routine…

#2 Healthy Diet

What to eat? Healthy foods like avocadoes, yogurt, green tea, berries, whole grains, fish, whole eggs, legumes, and more. What to avoid? French fries, potato chips, sugary drinks and treats, white bread, beer, pizza, high-calorie coffee drinks, and any food that’s packed with sugar.

If you want your tummy to look flat. Then you have to eliminate food items that are causing it to bloat. So it’s time to cut back on the junk that’s so readily available these days.


So now you know how to get a flat stomach with shapewear and without shapewear. The primary takeaway here is to exercise daily, eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and keep away from bad posture and unhealthy foods.

And while you’re at, consider wearing shapewear to create an illusion of a flat tummy. You can do this until your abs actually begin to appear after all the fat around them has shed.

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