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Five Reasons A Card Wallet Is Better Than A Purse

Many people wonder what is better to carry with them, a card wallet or a purse.

Both of these items are designed to hold some of your most personable belongings, including identification cards and your money—both of which are essential for just about anything you want to do in life!

A card wallet and purse serve the same core purpose of keeping these valuables safe, protected, and easy to transport. But there are quite a few differences between the two and many reasons why we lean towards saying that a card wallet is actually better than a purse!

When it comes to deciding for yourself which one to invest in, here are five very important reasons to consider as to why a card wallet is a superior choice and why you won’t regret it!

  1. Ease of transporting around

Sure, purses are stylish, but they require effort to carry around. You either have to choose a clutch purse that takes up an entire hand or a strap purse that is basically a stylish bag you tote around. A card wallet on the other hand is simple and straightforward to transport around. It can easily fit in your jacket, your pocket or a bag. But compared to a purse, they allow all your cards to be stored together in one place, rather than in a million different pockets that you struggle to find!

  1. It makes finding your cards easier

Honestly, nothing gets more stressful than trying to find a card you need but it is lost in your purse! The thing with purses is that they tend to build up a backlog of a lot of clutter that makes it difficult to find a thin card amongst. In comparison, your card wallet makes it really simple to find your cards without having to sift through any clutter at all! Simply take out your card wallet and select the card you want. It really is as easy and simple as that.

  1. More subtle in approach

Purses alone are often targets for being stolen as many come in really luxury brands that are worth a lot of money. And then on top of that, the thief gets the entire contents of your bag! On the other hand, a card wallet is still fancy, but nowhere as near as obvious as a purse. This means that your card wallet will be a more subtle target and you are at as much risk!

  1. Quality over Quantity

This is an age-old saying that still applies to the card wallet versus the purse debate. You don’t need to have the biggest more over the top bag to hold your key essentials. Instead, a quality card wallet ensures you have the most valuable items on you at all times while also minimizing the need to lug around a bunch of additional items too. Keep it simple people, and get a card wallet. Your cards will also thank you later!

  1. You just need one

While people tend to go a bit crazy with purses and always swap them out, you only need one quality card wallet and that is it. They go with every outfit, every occasion, every errand out and you do not need to worry about rotating them to ensure that they match each outfit of the day.

So there you go, five reasons why card wallets are better than purses. It may sound silly and simple, but it is important to truly understand all the benefits a card wallet can offer you. From being more subtle in style, providing you with quality services, and only ever needing one, you are sure to fall in love with your card wallet in no time!

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