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Filt French Market Bag

There are two reasons to love the cotton mesh string bags. One is because they are eco-friendly, strong and expandable. The other reason is because bags of net-like material have been used by many cultures in history.

Sac filet. They are symbol of the French touch and have been popular in 17th century in France. If you love french style, OUI. This is the bag you should be wearing.

String bags were also very popular in Russia long time ago. They were called avoska meaning ‘perhaps-bag’. Avoskas were manufactured using different kinds of strings.

With the popularisation of plastic bags, these net bags went into disuse, but after the banning of the plastic bags, they are back, they are cheap and très à la mode.

You will get lots of compliments.

Link of my blog here : https://lifewithless.co

You can find filt bag made of 100 % bio cotton link here: https://www.boutiquezerodechet.com/courses-zero-dechet/72-filet-a-provisions.html

Different colors filt bags link here: https://orangecomplex.eu/products/filt-net-bag?_pos=1&_sid=db8a55ca7&_ss=r



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