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Dress For Success: Why Style Is Important

Dressing for the job you want and not the job you have is good advice. Sometimes we get too comfortable in our situation while we dream of getting that CEO position or even a new career. 

Some careers require you to dress professionally in front of co-workers and customers. But regardless, dressing the part can help you be taken seriously enough for that promotion you know you deserve. Here are some ways that being dressed to the nines will benefit you in the long run. 

Dapper don 

You may have law degrees from Harvard or Yale, but your skills won’t matter much if you aren’t taken seriously in the courtroom. If you show up to court wearing khakis and a simple polo shirt, you may not have the same command over the room as your skillset says you should. 

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their clothes, but sometimes donning that well-made suit may attract more sets of eyes and more credibility. Look the part with a subscription to a personal styling service; these can help you create a professional look which includes the clothing right down to accessories. 

This can help you eliminate the morning rush to find an outfit too; just lay out your clothes the night before and enjoy the extra cup of joe in the morning. Aiming for neutrals with a pop of color, such as pant suits with a crimson or moss-colored shirt, can do a lot for your office-ready outfit without overdoing it. 

Courtroom chic 

At home and with friends, you can wear your tattoos and piercings proudly. However, in the office or courtroom, you may want to cover up that ink to make everyone more comfortable with you. You’ll feel better about yourself standing in front of the court; going back to that lawyer example, a Denver criminal lawyer needs to be wearing a clean, pressed suit rather than jeans and a tucked-in polo. A lawyer’s job is to defend those who can’t do it themselves, and it is important to look the part. 

Dressing well may even help you obtain the promotion you have been gunning for. You also may feel better about yourself, which influences your work ethic. Clean and sleek pant suits and shirts show your co-workers and clients that you are ready to work. If your office allows for a casual Friday, you still don’t need to show up looking like you are ready for the weekend. 

For those long days at the office, wearing some fresh feeling shift dresses and stretchy neutral fabrics can give you a more relaxed feeling, and you can dress any outfit up with the right accessories.

 What (not) to wear

 Men can wear well-tailored suits and accessories just the right way without overdoing it. You can express your individuality with custom cufflinks or a bold but simple gold lion head ring. Women can wear suits with a skirt length two inches above the knee, the proper heel, and form-fitting shirts and suit jackets. Men and women should avoid sneakers, instead sporting sturdy footwear to help complete the look while supporting them as they stand or walk around for hours at work. 

You are not just dressing for you and your client, but your boss, customers, and anyone who needs to view you as a professional. Winning may feel wonderful, but your name being recommended because of your decorum can help you even more in your long, fruitful career.


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