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Choosing the Right Plush Robes Before Purchasing

Ever wanted to make your morning routine less boring? How about lounging in sufficiently warm and comfortable plush robes? If you’re planning on surprising a male or female friend with a classic plush robe as a gift, you’ll find there are a variety of robes in different styles and fabrics so you’ll never run out of options.

We’ve come up with a couple of tips on buying the perfect plush robes for every member of your family.

But first, here’s everything you need to know before purchasing a plush bathrobe: 

Types of Plush Robes

Plush robes are just a few of the personal products that fuse necessity and luxury together. Besides its usefulness, bathrobes give a touch of comfort and luxury that one used to only get from hotel and spas. Nowadays, one can purchase hotel and spa bathrobes easily in shops and online. You might want to do your research before you go ahead and buy one to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Before anything else, it’s important to remember that not all bathrooms are created equal. That’s why it’s important to do your homework and we’re here to help you with that.

When you go shopping for plush bathrobes, you’ll find that there are different sizes for men, women and children. There are some, however, that are unisex. Bathrobes can also be thick and lightweight. There are robes made of various materials and fabric.

Choose the bathrobe that not only fits your taste but your budget as well. Follow the tips we’ve prepared for you below:

Picking a Fabric for Your Plush Robes

If you’re planning to buy a bathrobe to replace your towel after bathing, be sure to choose one that’s made from absorbent terry cloth. For extra plush robes, look for those made from Egyptian cotton. If you’d rather wear something lighter during the summer season, cotton or silk robes are the best choice. For cold and chilly seasons, you might want to snuggle in long robes made from chenille or fleece. 

Types of Plush Robes Fabric

They type of fabric you choose for your robe has a lot to do with what you can use it for and how it comfortable it will make you feel in certain conditions. The best fabrics for a bathrobe are terry cloth (thick and luxurious) and waffle weave (light and thin).  Cotton robes are ideal for bathing because their fabric allows for faster water absorption. However, cotton comes in many different forms such as low, medium and high-grade. Cotton is best used for bathrobes while terry cloth and waffle weave is best used in spa robes. Waffle weave fabric is ideal for cover-ups because they are lighter and breathable.

One thing to remember is that the kind of fabric used in a bathrobe can tell you whether it’s high quality or not. If the robe uses good quality fabric, you can be sure that it’s made to last long.

There are many different variations of fabrics today. You can find those that are made from 100% cotton, while some are mixed cotton and polyester. But, which one is the best option for you?

  • Cotton

As we’ve mentioned previously, cotton remains the best choice for plush robes because they are highly absorbent. Imagine how good it feels to slip into a soft cotton bathrobe after a long, hot shower.

Cotton bathrobes are made with two different qualities of cotton: low-medium grade cotton and high-grade cotton. Low-medium grade cotton types are used for blend options and mass-produced items. High-grade cotton such as Turkish, Egyptian, Pima, Supima, and Sea Island are known for their softness and elegance. The most popular high-grade cotton robe on the market is the Egyptian cotton robe.

There are a couple of minor issues with bathrobes made from 100% cotton material: cotton wrinkles easily and shrink after it’s washed. To get around this issue, manufacturers either mix cotton with polyester, or treat cotton robes with shrinkage and wrinkle-free finishes.

  • Polyester

Unlike cotton, polyester is a synthetic, man-made fabric. It is often mixed with cotton so the fabric doesn’t shrink or wrinkle after washing. Some examples of polyester and cotton blends are microfiber and microfleece. They feel silky and plush. Most companies and luxury hotels and spas around the world prefer microfiber and microfleece.

Picking Color And Style For Plush Robes

After deciding on the kind of fabric for your plush robe, let’s move on to choosing the color and style. Men and women’s plush robes come in a variety of different colors such as white, navy blue, black, or brown. Newer bathrobes may come in various printed designs. If you want to gift a guy a classy-looking robe, opt for those in classic sage or burgundy colors. For women you might want to look for those in pink, cream, lavender or light blue colors.

Bathrobes don’t only come in different colors and fabrics, but they come in a variety of styles as well. Among the popular bathrobe styles today are the Kimono and shawl collared robes. Shawl collars normally close at the neck as if you’re wrapping a shawl around you. Shawl collar bathrobes are known for giving warmth and comfort. Kimono robes, on the other hand, are inspired from Japanese kimonos. They offer a more naturally tailored fit due to their streamlined flat collar and wrist-length sleeves. Kimono bathrobes are popularly used in spas because of their sleek fitted look. They’re also lightweight making them comfortable to wear.

Another common style of bathrobe would be the hooded robes. Hooded robes are perfect for those who want warmth. Hooded robes provide extra warmth around the neck and head area and are perfect for pulling over wet hair after swimming or bathing.

Choosing the Right Size and Length for Your Plush Robes

Choosing the right bathrobe size can be a little challenging, especially if you’re purchasing it online. First of all, plush bathrobes are designed to be looser and bigger than other types of clothing and they can be worn over other clothes and swimwear. The last thing you’d want when buying a bathrobe is finding out afterwards that it’s too slim or too large for your taste. A bathrobe should come in the right size to be comfy and stylish.

Do check out the sizing charts and make sure you take your own measurements (or the other person’s) and compare them with the available size charts. Remember the bathrobe should fit loosely and the belt hoop height should match your waist.

The length of a bathrobe is closely related to its purpose and styling, so do your research on what length of bathrobe is best for your needs.

Ankle–length microfiber plush robes are a great gift idea for both men and women. These robes provide warmth, particularly during the autumn and winter months when the weather can get quite chilly. For warmer seasons, it’s more appropriate to use knee-length or mid-calf plush bathrobes. A knee-length microfiber robe is the perfect choice for the spa, beach or swimming pool because it’s long enough to give you the coverage you want, while keeping you dry and comfortable.

Short mid-thigh silk robes are great for covering up sexy lingerie and could even make a perfect gift for a bridal shower party.

Remember these when choosing bathrobes based on length:

  • Thigh-length robes –these robes are stylish and are mostly targeted for women. They come in plush fabrics and are used to cover nightgowns or lingerie. They can also make quite a fashion statement.
  • Knee-length plush robes –These robes are generally made of lighter fabrics and are used during summer. Knee –length robes, depending on the fabric they’re made of, can also be used to cover swimwear in the summer or in the spa.
  • Full-length plush robes –these robes are long enough to reach the ankle and are the most comfortable types of plush bathrobes. A lot of people prefer full-length robes because their size allows more absorbency, gets you dry better and faster, and keeps you warmer. Besides being used after swimming, these types of robes are also used as winter indoor garments because they provide warmth and comfort.

Make Your Plush Robes Personal

Personalizing your plush robes by embossing your favorite prints or embroidering with your name or initials can be a fun way to make your bathrobe uniquely yours. To make your personalized bathrobe even more special, check out for additional features like pockets, hoods and the like.

The bathrobe is not only comfortable and versatile but it’s also stylish. The bathrobe is no longer just a simple piece of house wear—it’s also a fashion statement! Given the wide range of fabrics, styles, lengths, and models today, the bathrobe is definitely a must-have for men and women who love comfort and luxury.

What types of length, fabrics, styles and color of bathrobes do you like? Which type of bathrobe are you planning to get for your self or for someone you love?

We hope the list we have prepared above helped you pick the best type of bathrobe that matches your needs and personal approach to modern-day fashion.



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