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The Case Of Ivanka Trump And Her Magically Color-Changing Eyes

While many people question Ivanka Trump’s role as an official government employee, others on the internet are questioning something else (albeit much less important): her natural eye color. 

Refinery29 recently resurfaced a debate about Ivanka’s eye color, which centers around the question of whether or not the 35-year-old wears green colored contacts. In certain photos, her eyes appear green. In others, they’re more brown: 

Esquire magazine was one of the first publications to notice the subtle change back in November 2016. The outlet pointed to a picture of Ivanka with two seemingly different eye colors on the same day at the Republican National Convention in July. 

Of course, people’s eye color can look different depending on a few factors ― what they’re wearing, if their hair color changes or if lighting switches. 

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