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Boho Bridal Jewellery Tips and Styling Ideas

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and you absolutely want to feel as beautiful as possible. In order to feel your very best, you’ll need to be calculated about every element of your outfit, right down to the jewellery! Bridal jewellery can be left as a bit of an afterthought, but if you get it right it can enhance and even transform your entire bridal ensemble! Read on for a few inspiring styling ideas and buying tips that will are sure to help you positively radiate as you walk down the aisle…

Buying Tips

Take a look at your wedding

First things first, you need to take a long hard look at your overall wedding. They’ll be a standout theme that (if it’s not already evident) you’ll see when you take a step back. Getting married near the ocean? You’ll probably have a slight Hamptons feel or beach theme going. Maybe you’re throwing a more traditional affair? This will be totally different. Pin down whether your wedding is going to be classic luxe, boho, contemporary, relaxed, beachy – by determining a theme, you’ll know exactly what to hunt for when it comes to shopping for your jewellery!

Style alongside your dress

Your dress really is the star of the show (along with yourself, of course!), so you should absolutely be styling your jewellery to work with your dress perfectly. If you have more of a maximalist, intricate style piece, you’ll want to be restrained with your accessorising to avoid looking over the top. If your dress is more on the minimal side of things, you have the room to be as expressive with your jewellery as you like. Just be sure to stay true to your personal taste so you don’t feel or look like a completely different person on your wedding day!

Get comfortable with investing

You should be searching for jewellery that you’re going to treasure and wear forever, so you need to get comfortable with making a bit of an investment here. That’s not to say you have to spend an arm and a leg, but you definitely need to shop for quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Styling Ideas

Luscious layers

Layering up delicate pieces of jewellery creates this gorgeous ethereal light that’s just going to exude elegance on your wedding day. Layer up 12, 14, 16 and 18-inch length chains to highlight a V neck or sweetheart neckline on your dress. Balance with shining stud earrings and a single bracelet with a meaningful charm that makes you happy on it for a simple yet stunning jewellery mood.

Gemstone accents

A gemstone that you and your partner love would be perfect to feature in your jewellery styling. Feeling more sentimental? Try incorporating each other’s birthstone into your look! Look for a pendant studded with your stone of choice, select some dainty gemstone studs and add a chain bracelet or two to finish off.

Statement accents

Statement boho earrings look breathtaking paired with an elegant slip dress or simple bridal ensemble. Pull your hair away from your face and let your earrings make their statement on their own. You’ll look magic without much effort at all!

Colourful expression

For the bride that loves colour, you shouldn’t feel shy about featuring it in your bridal jewellery! It’s your wedding day, which means that you need to feel comfortable enough to let your own personality shine through. If you aren’t caught dead without a bright turquoise or pop of pink, then, by all means, look for colourful jewellery to spice up your white dress and to style a truly unique wedding look.

Keeping it simple

Sometimes, keeping it simple and classic is just perfect. If you want to style a more traditional look, opt for a pair of graceful drop-down pearl earrings. Guild your neck with a thin gold chain and leave it there! This is super timeless and perfect if you have a minimal aesthetic.

See, bridal styling doesn’t have to be boring or stressful! The most important thing here is that you cater to your style and your tastes, that way, you’re going to be loving, wearing and admiring your boho bridal jewellery for a long time to come.


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