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The Best Wireless Chargers Under $19

To find the best wireless charger for your smartphone, we tested different models from a wide range of companies.

Plugging in a power cable to charge a mobile device? How 20th century of you! These days, thanks to the power of electromagnetism, all of the cool kids are charging their gadgets wirelessly: Drop your smartphone on top of a wireless charger and it’ll instantly start powering up—no cables required.


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To find the best wireless chargers, we spent over 40 hours testing 14 of them, using them to charge an iPhone XS and Samsung Note 8 smartphone. Our top pick for the best wireless charging stand is the Yootech X2 , a simple, low-cost charger that offers speedy, flexible charging. If you’re looking for a low-profile charging pad at a reasonable price, the RAVPower RP-PC066 Fast Wireless Charger (available at Amazon) is a great choice.

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