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The Best Tips for Buying Better Men’s Underwear (3 things you need to know)

We’ve all been there, my friend. When it’s the first thing you slip into, why wait to buy it last? Underwear is easy to buy, no doubt. But what makes it so hard is the lack of proper information. In other words, you want to buy underwear but you just don’t know how to.
This article talks about all the tips for buying better men’s underwear. This may be the finest advice you’ve ever got on buying underwear. Starting from the most basic ones to the ones that aren’t so obvious. Are you ready?
Tips for Buying Better Men’s Underwear
#1 There’s more than one style of underwear

This is not like purchasing women’s underwear. There are more types of men’s underwear than women. And if you’re a man, choosing which one is best for you is ideal. There are briefs, boxer shorts, trunks, boxer briefs, and athletic wear.
Briefs look most like underwear but they’re not as popular as boxer briefs. The former has a conventional underwear shape. The ‘Y’ shape from the front with buttocks coverage only from the back. It looks clean, fits tight, and has plenty of support.
Boxers are those baggy and cotton boxers. They’re so popular that some women wear just those for loungewear. The reason why boxer shorts are popular is that they suit all body types. You can expect a bit of discomfort from briefs especially if you have tummy fat or big thighs.
So finding the right size is also essential. I will get to that later on.
Boxer briefs offer the comfort of boxer shorts and the support of briefs. They fit tight but extend all the way down to your thighs – just like a boxer short does. Suitable for men with fleshier buttocks and thighs.
Trunks and boxer briefs almost meet at the same leg length. Maybe trunks a slightly shorter. The only difference between both is that trunks suit slimmer profiles. As they sit lower on the waist and have a narrower fit down leg openings. Perfect for trousers and long tuck-in shirts.
Athletic includes many types of compression underwear. Including bulge enhancing underwear, padded trunks, stretch briefs, etc. These are made up of more stretchable and firm materials. Such as modal, spandex, polyester, and cotton. In them, you can exercise, run, do yoga, etc.
#2 Size is just as important

Just imagine how confused you’d be without a proper size chart. Doesn’t matter whether you size yourself or seek professional help. Every underwear brand has its own size chart. There’s a size for standing still, for moving around, and for stretching.
Also, based on what style of underwear you buy, there’s a different size for everything. If you’re worried about looking big, make sure you don’t wear tight underwear. The waistband will push into your skin, giving you a fuller tummy than there actually is. The same applies to the legs.
Here’s a general idea of the size chart for men’s underwear. Wrap the measuring tape around your waist to determine your size.
● Small – 28-31in / 70-75cm
● Medium – 32-34in / 80-85cm
● Large – 34-38in / 90-95cm
● Extra Large – 36-38in / 100-105cm
● XX-Large – Over 38in / 110-115cm

#3 Finding the right material

Just as there are many types of men’s underwear. There are also plenty of fabrics to choose from. However, you don’t get to decide which type of fabric from scratch. This, too, boils down to the type of underwear you choose.
For example, boxer briefs are made up of tighter materials than boxer shorts. The former consists of modal, polyester, or spandex. Meanwhile, the latter consists of cotton fabrics that are much looser and airy.
With that out of the way, here’s a rundown of my favorite underwear fabrics.
Cotton: Soft, breathable, washable, but lacks compression or firmness.
Jersey: Versatile, stretchable, durable, and good for working out in.
Mesh: Breathable, quick to dry, and lightweight.
Polyester: Supportive, seamless, enhancing, and breathable.
Spandex: Compressive, smooth, stretchable, and flexible.
Final Thoughts
As you can see, these tips for buying better men’s underwear are simple. It’s a straightforward and no-bullshit approach to buying men’s underwear. What you need to know is right here. So you can take your most comforting and supportive underwear home.
No matter how white your underwear looks or how thick the fabric. It’s going to become loose and useless sooner or later. And when that happens, refer to this guide to help you with your next pair of underwear.
You want natural breathability, support, and comfort. To find all these qualities in underwear is easy. Probably as easy as purchasing a pack of chips from a supermarket. You just have to know where to look!
About the author:
Kathy Harvey launched the Undywears blog to make it the go-to platform for men seeking expert advice regarding underwear. Choosing just about any random pair of underwear is what most men are accused of, which is what Kathy Harvey aims to change. Underwear decisions are important and the author here does an excellent job of explaining how and why.


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