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5 Tips to selecting a tie for client meeting

Selecting and wearing the right tie to meet a client can be at times confusing.  Since you want to give the client the best impression of yourself, you may find yourself perusing over all wardrobe racks to look for the best tie. Depending on why you want to meet the client and the choice of your outfit, here are 5 tips that could help you select the right tie and leave a good and long lasting impression to your client.

  1. Research on the dress code of the client.

Researching on the client’s dress code will help you choose a tie that the client is most likely to be in. When things become too coincidental when meeting a person, it is very likely to seal a deal. Say you are meeting a prospective buyer of a commodity you’re selling. Take time and go through their social media accounts and see their taste of ties. If they like slim ties, choose a skinny tie too. 

  1. The level of formality of the meeting.

A Business deal is all about trust. Trust is built by confidence and confidence is created by impression. If you want to create a good impression of yourself, get a tie that talks about it. Business outfits are formal ties in formal suits. If you choose a slim fitting suit, make sure that the tie is slim fit. Fitting outfits tend to create an impression of a sharp, intelligent and a trustworthy gentleman. Be one in that meeting.

  1. Is the client male or female?

Women generally like colours, why not impress your female client? If you have a female client, choose an outfit that will accommodate a bright coloured tie. As much as you want to take a coloured tie, you should be careful not to choose colours that do not match. Too extreme colours could make you look like a rainbow, and you may not like the outcome.

  1. Day of the week

Weekday or on a weekend, your tie should match the day. During weekdays when formal dressing is most appropriate, it is advisable you go for a neck tie. If you are meeting your client on a weekend, you may consider wearing a tie that doesn’t look so formal. An ascot cravat for instance would be nice if your meeting with the client is on a weekend.

  1. Prevailing weather conditions

Some ties can really add warmth to your body. A neck, slim tie or bow tie greatly prevents circulation of cold air around the chest. A tie should not at all make you appear uncomfortable to your client. If on a hot day you have closed the tie button, you might feel too tight and might consider loosening your neck. Since ‘undressing’ in public is never a good idea, consider a cravat over any other tie. A cravat is easy to loosen when it feels to hot. An ascot cravat too is not bad on a hot day.

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