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Student Dates Sugar Daddies To Fund Her Lifestyle

Emily Bulea gets paid to go out with wealthy men and her boyfriend doesn’t mind one bit.

This 20-year-old student goes out on dates with older rich men to fund her college fees.

Emily Bulea, who hails from Goleta in California, gets paid hundreds of dollars from men desperate to spend time with the stunning blonde.

In return for her companionship, Emily is in no debt, can afford to buy $500 Swarovski bras and lives a “comfortable” life.

Emily Bulea goes on dates for money. Photo: Barcroft
The 20-year-old funds her lavish lifestyle with her dates. Photo: Barcroft

Interestingly, Emily has a 20-year-old boyfriend, Jack, who doesn’t mind that his girlfriend spends her free time on dates with other men.

Emily got into the business of dating men for money after she was sitting around joking about it one day with her friends.

“It all kind of started as a joke between me and some friends. We would always joke about having a sugar daddy to spoil us, you know, take us on vacation,” she says in the above Barcroft video.

And while her friends may have taken the whole conversation in jest, Emily was intrigued by the lavish lifestyle and decided to set up an online profile.

Emily’s boyfriend Jack claims he doesn’t mind what his girlfriend does in her spare time. Photo: Barcroft.
Emily said all her family know what her job entails. Photo: Barcroft.

For the past year, Emily has been getting paid to go out in public with men in between going to university.

However when Emily met her boyfriend, she had to explain to him about her sideline job.

“His reaction basically was shock. He wanted to come with me to sit in on one of the dates,” she said.

That didn’t happen, however Jack says he now has no issue with Emily going on the dates.

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While he claims one of the sugar daddies just likes to post pictures of his girlfriend to Instagram, he says it doesn’t really bother him that much.

“Obviously I feel protective. I don’t know these guys. I worry obviously that something could happen. If we continue dating I wouldn’t want this to be a lifelong career path for her,” he said.

Emily said she couldn’t see herself doing it long-term. Photo: Barcroft.
She bought herself a $500 Swarovski bra with the money she earned from her dates. Photo: Barcroft.

Emily has had her fair share of dates where the men have gone over the boundaries, with one man reaching for her butt and another trying to get her home to his house.

“Those kind of guys I don’t ever talk to again,” she said.

Emily claims she doesn’t sleep with any of the sugar daddies and she will only meet up with them when other people are around.

“Personally I don’t sleep with sugar daddies so as far as physical contact goes I think it’s ok to have a friendly hug or to have your hair touched,” she said.

“I think that is about the extent of it for me and obviously these things only happen in public places.”

When people ask Emily what she does for a job she says she lies and tells them she’s a hostess in a restaurant but all of her family and friends are aware of her career path.

“The negative side definitely would be people just assuming that you’re a prostitute. I get that all the time,” she said.

Emily said she couldn’t see herself doing it long-term because she feels that there “comes a point where it’s not acceptable in you career and relationships to continue doing something like this.”

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