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Sexpo ads on school bus infuriates parents

Angela Burrows, a mother of three, is using Change.org to petition Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to step in and stop advertising for the upcoming adult sex event.

“Strippers, sex hotlines, nudity — explicit images are being splashed across our kid’s school buses,” Ms Burrows writes.

“Right now, buses are picking up school kids with these inappropriate ads for the upcoming adult sex event, Sexpo!”

A Queensland mother doesn’t want Sexpo advertising on school buses. Source: Change.org

The petition has received more than 2,400 signatures.

But a spokesman for Sexpo told news.com.au that the 2017 Brisbane bus ad campaign had not yet commenced and while the petition features a photo of a bus clad with an advertisement for the exhibition it’s dated 2015.


Ms Burrows said she had been in touch with a “bunch of other concerned mums” who have seen similar ads on billboards right outside school gates.

“We have kids in primary school for goodness sake — we don’t want ads and links to watch “live sex” forced on them!” she said.

MyFreeCams.com, a porn website which features live sex shows, is a sponsor of Sexpo.

But a Sexpo spokesman told news.com.au while MyFreeCams.com was the primary sponsor, the website name and logo would not be appearing on the creative this year.

He said the ads and collateral were “not overtly sexual in any way and do not contain any graphic content”.

“They simply highlight the event name, the dates of the event and some key show attractions,” he said.

Sexpo has reportedly never had a complaint upheld against it. Source: Getty Images

In 2010 the Advertising Standards Bureau said an ad for Sexpo featuring a woman on her knees and a man on a motorbike was the fourth most complained about ad of the year.

The billboard received 75 complaints but no action was taken.

News.com.au reports in 21 years Sexpo has not had a single complaint upheld against it.

The Queensland Department of Transport has been contacted for comment.