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Qualities of a Good Custom Flip Flops for Men

Part of being a guy is to always look for the most convenient way of doing everything. But, for some reason, it is not always the same when it comes to footwear. The most convenient option for men is by wearing the same thing regardless of what the weather, this situation, or the environment is.

The trouble is that, just like any shoe, there are some which are much greater than others. Thus this article will help you give an idea of what can be the best custom flip flops for men. Aside from that, this article is also going to go through what you want in a flip flop, how to clean them, and what makes them different from sandals.

The old-fashioned flip flop has been one of the more understated forms of footwear since its conception in the 1960s. But, practically, these custom flip flops for men can match almost any shoe in relation to its comfort, convenience, and durability.

If you want to wear something that can be as stylish and durable and as affordable and comfortable, then flip flops are for you.

Things to consider when buying Custom Flip Flops

If you are looking for convenience, there really is no other reason to look anywhere other than custom flip flops. But, when it comes to choosing the right pair, it can be a challenging encounter. This is because it is essential that you know what the most important aspects to know that you got a good pair of custom flip flops are.

Below are three significant factors that really matter when you are choosing your own custom flip flops:

  1. Take comfort into account

Just like any other shoe, if it is not comfortable then it is not worth it. Having blisters and a cramped metatarsal is not ideal, and because your feet are always on show, then it is not recommended that you get them from your custom flip flops either.

One of the classic tripe with custom flip flops is the comfort issues that are being created by the thong. This thong refers to the Y-shaped strap that goes over your food and then in between your big and second toe. When it comes to long distances, it is going to likely to ride up between your toes and this may cause discomfort. There are better flip flops that combat this issue and they try to create a strap that eliminates it altogether, and this is what is being looked for in the careful selection of flip flops.

Furthermore, we are also aware that there are people who are suffering from a variety of orthotic issues that can impact what type of shoes they will be able to wear. Those who have imbalance or heel pain may require looking for the best custom flip flops with good arch support, and this is also good for those who have plantar fasciitis.

Of course, the notion of comfort is different for each person, so that factor has already been considered that it will cater for all.


  1. Consider the material of the custom flip flops

Just like all forms of clothing, and in particular, with footwear, the material of such custom flips flops will separate the good from the bad. When it is made from cheaper materials, sure, you can save some money in the short-term, but, the truth is, you are trading that for discomfort and the risk of having to replace them regularly.

  • The strap of the flip flops – the strap of your flip flops is another place for you to be wary of material. Some of the more comfortable straps are synthetic and thicker. These types of straps are certainly more suitable for long-distance walking for those with foot issues. If you want to take the comfort from your strap to the next level, then you should look for a pair that have a suede or leather upper. On the other hand, are those thinner, stylish straps are generally made up of rubber. These probably are not going to be the most comfortable, but, if you will make sure that you are getting a good pair, then you will be safe.
  • The sole of the flip flops – the sole is the most important part of any shoe – especially when it comes to flip flops. The soles will tend to be thinner, this means that your foot is going to have closer contact with the ground and is likely to take more impact with each step. Thus, it is essential that you find a shoe with a supported or shock-absorbing sole, molding them to the shape of your foot, thereby preventing blisters and fallen arches.


  1. Take into account the flip flop’s durability

The issues that are to be faced a lot of time with flip flops come down to their robustness. Usually, what you will find with cheaper flip flops is that their strap breaks or comes away from the sole. Also, going back to the point as to comfort, because the flip flop itself is not built to mimic the ideal shoe.

If a flip flop is going to break, you cannot have it repaired on the spot. This means that, if you are out and about and your flip flop suddenly breaks you may have to find a local shoe store so that you can purchase a replacement shoe, which can not only make you incur unexpected expenses, this will also lead you into buying something that you do not actually want, and this is because you are left with no other choice.

With all of this into consideration, it is recommended that you get a pair that is durable and is made with better material and is going to less likely to break on you. It is to be understood that the most durable flip flops will tend to be more expensive, and this is because of the higher quality and at the same time taking into consideration the health of your foot. In the long run, you will likely to save more money because you will no longer have to replace them every other time that you leave the house.

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