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Pros and Cons of Yarn Wholesale

Yarn wholesale companies are responsible for buying goods directly from yarn manufacturers in large volumes. They sell them to the retailers, distributors, and others in much smaller volumes. Buying them in bulk is the cheapest method to fill the store shelves with your preferred merchandise. If you’re a business owner who’s interested in working with a yarn wholesale manufacturer, you need to learn how the process works for you to be successful.

What is Yarn Wholesale?

Most people love knitting and crocheting, and that’s why yarn wholesale is a good avenue for business owners. Yarn wholesaling involves the sale of high-quality yarn to retailers wherein the retailers buy them in bulk at a lower price. So how does this work?

Wholesale buying is probably one of the most common practices in obtaining products at a lower price. The purpose of yarn wholesale buying is to sell the products at a higher price. Generally, this is how the sales chain work. A yarn manufacturer or supplier sells large batches of yarn directly to the wholesale buyer (wholesaler). The wholesaler then sells the yarn to merchants. After this, the merchant (either physical or online) places a higher price tag on the individual yarn and then sell them to the public.

Yarn Wholesale Products You Can Buy

There are different types of yarns manufacturers sell in bulk. As a buyer, it’s your goal to check not just the price of the yarn but also the quality. Below are 4 of the popular high-quality yarns that you can buy in bulk:

  1. Lace Weight Silk Yarn. One of the most common silk yarns that manufacturers sell in bulk is lace weight silk yarns. This type of yarn is full of playful spirals of colors. This yarn creates a balance between delicate and fun. If you’re going to re-sell this type of yarn, you’re sure that your buyers will love to use them for any lightweight project.

Length: 300 yards

Yarn Weight: 1- sock, fingering, 50g

Yarn Material: Anamika silk (silk made from silk waste)

Gauge: 6.75 to 8 or 5025 to 8 sts per inch

Physical Quality: Silky and soft

How to clean: dry clean only

  1. Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Packs. With the Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Packs, you can get every shade and color of the rainbow. You can also create multi-dimensional pieces of art in every pack. These are available in 8 colors, and each solid color pack contains four skeins of yarn, while the rainbow color pack contains seven skeins.

Length: 80 yards

Yarn Weight: 5- bulky, ½’ to ¼” strips

Yarn Material: Chiffon (silk and polyester blend)

Gauge: 3 to 4/ 2 to 3 per inch

Physical Quality: Lightweight, wispy

How to clean: hand wash cold and lay flat to dry

  1. Market Tote Kit. This market tote kit serves as the perfect accessory when you head to the market. If you need a place to stow your lunch for work, or if you’re looking for a place for your craft project, then this market tote kit is perfect.

Size: 10.5” (W) x 7.5” (H) x 4” (D)

Yarn Required: 3 skeins of silk chiffon ribbon in watercolor or 4 skeins of reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn.

Hook Size: K

Take note that each of the chiffon skeins is a one-of-a-kind wonder, made from reclaimed textiles. That means that no two skeins are the same. Thus, it will make your tote a neat piece of art.

  1. Silk Roving Worsted Weight Yarn. This type of yarn has all the softness of the lace weight silk yarn, although it’s a bit thicker. It has beautiful colorways which include solid options and ombre. The good thing about this is that it’s very durable. A lot of knitters prefer this type of yarn because they can use it for many different projects. In fact, you can use this type to create gloves, hats, scarves, and cowls.

Length: 75 yards

Weight: 50 grams

Yarn material: Anamika silk

Gauge: 4 to 5sts per inch or 3 to 4sts per inch

How to clean: dry clean only.

Pros of Yarn Wholesale

  1. You get to pay lesser than expected. For you to get the best prices, it is important that you buy the yarn in bulk. Buying yarn in bulk from both local and foreign wholesalers means that it’s possible to pay lesser compared when buying individual yarn. Yarn wholesalers don’t always like selling a small number of their products to consumers.
  2. Buying yarn wholesale is easier. Retailers love the simplicity of buying yarn wholesale because they could shop for a wide range of products at a single destination. Wholesalers can stock products from different manufacturers. This makes it easier for buyers to choose the right yarn to match the specific project. Also, shopping from just a single location makes it possible to save time because you don’t have to keep traveling to different shops. The best part is that there are wholesalers who operate online, so you wouldn’t need to travel at all.
  3. You can negotiate with the price. Yarn wholesale companies are more likely to agree when buyers negotiate with the prices. That’s because the buyers aren’t the only ones who will benefit. Buyers can get an agreement with the wholesalers to pay less. And by doing this, the wholesaler gains the buyers’ trust and turn them into regular customers.
  4. Shipping is more convenient. A lot of yarn wholesale companies provide shipping service, especially for bulk orders. And even though there might be a small charge, it’s still a very convenient option for the buyers. Not everyone has access to suitable transportation after all. 

Cons of Yarn Wholesale

  1. Storage space isn’t enough. If a buyer is planning to purchase yarn in bulk, it’s important to have enough storage space to keep them until they’re finally sold. For those who do not have enough on-site storage space, it will be helpful if you could use a rented space. This, however, will add to the overall costs of the business.
  2. Not all yarn wholesale sellers are okay with work with smaller online buyers. This means that the best deals are only limited to large outlets or already-established retailers.
  3. Wholesale requires a relatively large investment. Before you’re able to buy yarn in bulk, it’s important that you save a substantial amount for your capital first. A lot of wholesalers have a minimum order limit in place. That’s because they want to make sure that products are bought in volume. This may be a problem for small companies that are just starting to get into the retail business.

Qualities of the Best Yarn Wholesale Manufacturer

If you’re thinking about buying knitting yarn in bulk, you need to make sure you’re buying them from the best yarn wholesale manufacturer. What are the qualities of the best wholesale manufacturer?

  1. The best manufacturer provides you access to the highest quality yarn in the world. Whether you’re using the yarn for a project or selling them, you need that assurance that even the smallest skein of yarn has undergone a stringent inspection. Not all yarns are made equal, so make sure yours are of high quality.

Once you know you have the highest quality yarn, you’re already sure that your buyer will enjoy using it for knitting projects. You never have to waste your money and time anymore just to deal with products that are subpar.

  1. Getting yarn should be hassle-free and easy. You know manufacturers are easy if they are willing to work with you personally. When buying yarn from a manufacturer, try to notice the kind of assistance you’re getting, or if you’re not getting any assistance at all.

If you’re dealing with online manufacturers, pay attention to the system. Is it confusing? Are there any problems? Are the products organized? These are some useful questions that you should ask yourself as you go through the process of buying yarns in bulk. You should be able to place your yarn orders and get things done in just a few minutes.

  1. The best manufacturer supports the less fortunate people. Most manufacturers are only in the retail industry to make money. But there are manufacturers who positively impact other people by supporting them. You’ll be delighted to know that because of your bulk order, you’re able to help a family somehow, that just by placing an order, you’re able to help improve other people’s lives.
  2. An excellent wholesale manufacturer knows how to work with business owners. It’s important for a wholesale manufacturer to have a good working relationship with other business owners. Aside from focusing on the prices and the quality of the yarns sold in bulk, manufacturers should also be able to recognize what business owners want to continue doing business with them.

If you’re interested with a wholesaler that can provide you all of these, then check out Darn Good Yarn. They have a wide variety of high-quality yarns you can choose from.