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The Pretty Woman Red Dress Can Now Be Yours

Pretty Woman hit theaters in 1990, so although its cast as a seminal ’90s film, its fashion is still decidedly late ’80s. From brown polka dots at a polo match to a short sleeved bold shouldered white dress for a day of shopping (or not shopping as the case may be, haters gonna hate), it’s almost shocking how stylistically relevant a nearly 30-year old film can feel.

The plot of Pretty Woman might be problematic-is it really uplifting to watch a movie about a West Hollywood prostitute finding love with the dapper businessman who hired her off a street corner?-but the fashion was fire.

And Vivian’s looks are enjoying repeat performances for the summer of 2018-from white dots on a brown maillot to those statement button dresses. But the most famous dress, a red gown in the spirit of Valentino, designed by film costumer Marilyn Vance, can now too can be yours-for under $400, thanks to Reformation’s wedding collection. A sculptural column dress with a plunging sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder detail, it was an instant hit then and still packs a stylish punch now. That diamond necklace isn’t included, but if we recall correctly it was borrowed from a jewelry store-way to cheap out Edward.

In 2018, Viv would buy her own diamonds anyway, and her own dress from an eco-friendly brand like Reformation and most likely volunteer at an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking. But she’d still have a saucy best friend, because everyone needs a saucy best friend, but no one needs to be Cinder-f*cking-rella in the #MeToo era.


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