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How Pilates Can Help You Maintain Your Figure

While all figures are lovable – big, petite, hourglass, pear-shaped- there’s still something about achieving that hourglass figure that feels like a dream come true. Even though fashion these days are more welcoming and forgiving for people without the perfect body size nor shape as it should be, most fashionable items still suit people with the hourglass figure best. Fashion is all about how you present yourself, not really just how cool or trendy your clothes are and how you present yourself is somehow affected by how your body look and how confident you are. Pilates can help on these certainly! Below are three reasons why.

Pilates is a Mind and Body Exercise

Pilates, a no-judgement, mind/body exercise, is all about achieving a fit and strong body and mind. An added bonus of constant practice however, is certainly the achievement of the hourglass figure even though that is not the main aim. After all, Pilates gurus will be the first to tell you that outward appearance is not the goal here, but inner strength, physically and mentally.

For fashion-conscious individuals, Pilates’ emphasis on the physical and mental just might be the reason why it is worth trying. It is important to emphasize the mind component because unlike other exercises out there, it more than just give you the toned muscles and flatter stomach that you are looking for to fit into that nice fashion piece you’ve been eyeing, but also the confidence to carry it well. Half of looking good is feeling good – knowing inwardly just how valuable you are, and Pilates is just the perfect exercise for being mentally at ease with yourself.

Pilates is A Rigorous Workout, Even If It Does Not Look Like It!

No, you are not lifting weights. No, it’s not doing hundred crunches and squats in succession. And yet, its benefits cannot be discounted. If you think Pilates is not that much of an exercise compared to strength-training and cardio exercises in helping you achieve that flat stomach and proper curves at the right places, think again.  In fact, some of the Pilates moves can make you so much stronger and flexible in no time than the usual cardio and weight-lifting. Your muscles get sculpted, especially the abdominal muscles. How is this possible?

Pilates involves engaging your body to make very precise movements accompanied by very specific breathing techniques. If you crave the loudness of aerobics and loathe structured program, this might put you off at first. However, if you want a very demanding exercise that can bring results, Pilates is a good choice. Not only do you get a flat stomach, you get a toned one too, which makes clothes fit all the nicer.

Pilates Can Look Hardcore Too, with the Right Equipment

Bothered by the fact that Pilates seem too soft? You know it is not true but you still cannot shake this thought? Don’t fret. Even if you do not necessarily have to have weights to lift and can just practice in your mat using your body weight, some aids and tools can come in handy, like foam rollers and Pilates rings. You can even invest in a Pilates chair, if you find working on mat a tad too basic for your exercise regimen. Some people think working out with no tools or equipment are not really working out and while it is a wrong misconception, there is absolutely no judgement against people with these opinions. Your best bet? Get a Pilates chair or two. You can read more to find out about the best Pilates chairs here..




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